Man displeased after his partner dumped him and cut him off from £3,600,000 lottery winnings

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Kirk Stevens expected to be financially secure after winning a £10,000 a month for 30 years lottery with his live-in girlfriend.

Instead, he’s hurt and angry after Laura Hoyle, 40, allegedly dumped him, moved into a £500,000 new-build house, and cut him off from the ‘allowance’ she was giving him from the £3.6 million jackpot.

Kirk, 39, told her to pay £25 a week into the lottery for them instead of paying her own share of the rent fee while they lived together, so she left with the money.

Lotto jackpot of $3,600,000

When the couple won the Lotto’s Set For Life prize in March 2021, they made headlines.

They both announced that they were starting a ghost-hunting business after posing with a lottery check written in both of their names.

Kirk, a Rolls-Royce engineer, met Laura through a friend in 2018 and they moved in together quickly, with Laura moving into his £240,000 three-bedroom detached home in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire.

Kirk added that he didn’t ask for a ‘penny’ in rent when she offered to contribute, instead opting for a lottery deal: ‘She spent around £25 a week and told me that if we won, we would both live it up.’

Laura continued to play the lottery from her account after landing a job with Hermes, then ignored a message from Lotto bosses informing her she had won, fearing it would only be a £5 prize.