Military Sources Narrate Some Boko Haram Activities Of Ex- COAS Azubuike Ihejirika

Nigerian army chief, general Azubuike Ihejirika named as sponsor of Boko Haram terrorist organisation


The army under General Azubuike Ihejirika allowed Boko haram to regroup deliberately in the Sambisa. Last year when SoE was declared, Boko haram was on the run and the villagers of the villages ravaged by Boko haram today were themselves single handedly apprehending Boko haram fighters in the bushes. Victory was at hand for Nigeria as the Boko haram fighters were roaming the bushes without ammo, food or water. The Civilian JTF, CJTF under the leadership of soldiers of the JTF like colonel Hassan, Shamaki and the once dreaded Sagir Musa  and one Sangami (not real name), coordinated and directed the CJTF to the villages and the surrounding bushes. The CJTF and the JTF recorded success like never before on the war on terror.

This was the time the original Shekau was killed; August of 2013. But then General Ihejirika suddenly and surprisingly disbanded the JTF and introduced the so called 7 division that was a deliberate sabotage of the success from day one. The army after the creation of 7 division, cut down the powers of the CJTF to go to the villages or to Boko haram camps on patrol. For the CJTF to do so, they were now made to have to apply in writing to the authorities.  The 7 division became an army that was stationary instead of an army that took proactive measures in combat. This allowed Boko Haram to regroup and survive to reign more terror on the people. It was evident the army chief wanted to preserve Boko haram and not complete their defeat. We are convinced they make money form the continuous war on terror in the north.

The people suspected a foul play when the heroes of the people in the army that worked with the CJTF were all deployed out of the state. Most of them were framed as members of the Boko haram and they quietly left. The intelligence officers were all transferred out of the state. The new GOC deployed to Borno was a right hand man of Ali Modu Sheriff. It was even said that Sheriff actually worked for the man to be deployed to Borno.

Army sources reveal that the army practically hands over equipment to Boko haram. A source said supplies to Maiduguri will be way-laid by insurgents and without a single fire Boko haram will claim supply convoys. And all the soldiers in that convoy will be unharmed but supplies are lost. He said what we should be asking is how did that happened? The General moved all the heavy weapons from Kontagora to unknown destination. And up till today no one knows where they are. Containers filled with different weapons was intercepted by customs at Lagos and handed over to him, but, today you can’t get it in any armory, later intelligence reports revealed that the weapons were silently moved to Niger Delta.

Another incidence is how Boko haram acquires the army vehicles including the APC and tanks. The soldiers say they take them out to patrol and on first sight of Boko haram they abandon them and flee. Another said in the desert of northern Borno such vehicles get stuck in the sand and the soldiers flee. They said they will just retreat and watch the boys dig them out for themselves nothing happens.

There were times when Ihejirika was the head of the army, villagers and civilians will rush to soldiers during attacks and the soldiers will say their order was not to move out of that place. Then they had more ammo than the small arm of BH that attacks the villages.

The people believed then that the army sent to Sambisa wasn’t to fight Boko haram but to provide protection for the band of Boko haram that was there. Army helicopters were seen assisting the terrorists.

The army will go on operation with little ammunition and they will be followed by another group that wipes the first group in the name of Boko haram attacks. Boko haram was given enough time to regroup and armed themselves from the supplies of the army indirectly by the army itself.