Military Should Takeover Nigeria And Restore 1963 Regional And Parliamentary Constitution – Clarke SAN [RESCUED]

Let us go back to 1963 Parliamentary system of government’s constitution –Clarke

RESCUED from Nov 25, 2016 

Constitutional lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, Robert Clarke, has said that the Nigeria Presidential system of governance is the basis of corruption in the country.

Speaking on Sunrise Daily, a Channels TV program in Lagos on Friday, the elder statesman then called for a military takeover of government for two years in order to change the system to 1963 constitution which is the parliamentary system of government.

Clarke affirmed that the 1963 constitution which is the parliamentary system of government is the ideal constitution for this country; “let us go back to it”.

The elder statesman revealed that the former President Olusegun Obasanjo recommended the presidential system of government for the countryduring his time as the Head of State, which is the root of corruption in the national assembly.

In his words, “It is the same Obasanjo that changed it. When he called for constitutional review when he was Head of State, and I can assure you that the constitutional conference headed by Chief Rotimi Williams never ask for presidential system. It was the same Obasanjo that recommended Nigeria to have a presidential system of government and we are suffering from it today.

“He meant well for the country, let us be honest, he added.

Clarke insinuated that Senator Bola Tinubu should not be forced out of the APC as it could lead to a military coup.

“I’m not a seer but seeing what is happening today within the political parties in the country, the APC is going to crumble. Tinubu is planning, as you can see from the Ondo scenario where some governors and himself were absent when Mr President was there.

“They are planning maybe to form a new political party and that will be the downfall of the Yoruba race because in Nigeria, not one single important person can stand. Buhari was able to win election after three times because the Yorubas and Hausas came together”.

He warned that, “If Tinubu makes the mistake of forming a new political party or going back to AD, they Yorubas will not see any sit in the Federal government again. The Ibos and the Hausa will go together and they will continue to rule.

Coup is not the best option, but I’m praying that the crisis should come so that the military will take over, even if is only for two years to change the system of government because these people will not change it.