How Much of the $1 billion Will Buhari Put In Boko Haram’s Pockets?

Paid and released Boko Haram terrorist


When SaharaReporters revealed that Buhari had negotiated and paid millions of dollars for the release of some 80 Chibok girls, I strongly condemned the generous emoluments to Boko Haram and the release of their dreadful warlords who had taken the lives of innocent Nigerians and raped our women.

At the time, I asked how much Buhari had really financed Boko Haram with in that deal he hurriedly closed in his desperation before he went on the foreign medical tour. Could it be $100 million? Or perhaps a billion dollars? We may never know.

This November, the news had the headline, “Buhari renews commitment to bring back Chibok girls.” As elections 2019 approaches, more acts of desperation can be expected from the Nigerian highly chastised APC government that has been more focused on reputation than reality. The world’s top image launderers, I call them.

No categorical description of the budget for the $1 billion withdrawal has been made. A fragment of details came from Governor Yari who said, “A substantial amount of the $1 billion budget was still required to tackle pockets of terrorists.” His interestingly choosing the word, “pockets” made a loud bell clang.

How? Are we talking about upgrading the military or tackling the pockets of the terrorists? Is Boko Haram once again going to get its pockets full from this billon dollars? Buhari is on record obstructing former president Jonathan from killing Boko Haram terrorists. In an article in government paper, theNation in June of 2013, Buhari argued that Boko Haram terrorists should be compensated as happened in the Niger Delta and not killed. [See: ] It is only logical to assume that a substantial amount of the $1 billion would be used to fatten the pockets of Boko Haram terrorists to abate for now, and to pay them to free the Chibok girls among other secret deals.

This conclusion is most evident considering the secret trial Nigeria’s AGF Malami has granted the terrorists and the fact that of those tried thus far, not a single one has been sentenced to death, in violation of Nigeria’s anti-terrorism bill which prescribes death for terrorists.

Again, a code-named “safe corridor” unconstitutional amnesty for murderous Boko Haram terrorists granted by the army is a serious and perhaps treasonable reason for concern. Nigeria’s law as abided by, by former and late president Umaru Yar’Adua of blessed memory, clearly stipulates that an amnesty/pardon for criminals and terrorists can only be granted with approval of the Council of State.

I quote Yar’Adua below:

“Now therefore, I, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, after due consultation with the council of States and in exercise of the powers conferred upon me by the provisions of Section 175 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, make the following proclamation: I hereby grant amnesty and unconditional pardon to all persons who have directly or indirectly participated in the commission of offences associated with militant activities in the Niger Delta;…” [ ]

Nigeria’s army and president Muhammadu Buhari, unlike late Yar ‘Adua, never sought the approval for the current amnesty granted to these killers and rapists, which makes it illegal and impeachable.

2019 is Nigeria’s only chance to escape from the intractable corruption, the reckless abuse of power and unending impunity which leads Nigeria down a continuous path of disabling poverty and endless terror.

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