Murderous Wahhabi Terrorism & Christmas

“Islam and its Prophet have not been defamed in the media and public in history as much as it has in the past years. There have been cartoons and the “Satanic Verses” and now there are Takfiri groups that claim to be Islamic such as ISIS. There have been massacres by these groups on the people, destruction & damaging of history all in the name of Islam.” -Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah
There is no religious ceremony that is widely celebrated like Christmas which is the symbolic date for the birth of Jesus (as). When December ending approach Christians the world over begin preparation for the great occasion of Christmas. Only two religions in the world glorify & celebrate Jesus (as) and they are Christianity and Islam. This commonness of belief should be a unifying factor for the adherents of the two great world religions.
That assumption is not to be as while Christians the world over commence preparation for Christmas, murderous Wahhabi terrorist groups such as ISIS and BokoHaram commence preparation of murderous terrorist attacks to kill as many innocent people as possible. The Indonesian government recently foiled a planned attack at Christmas by ISIS-allied group killing three terrorists and arresting more. In Germany a Wahhabi terrorist drove a heavy vehicle into Christmas shoppers killing 12 people and injuring many.
Wahhabism is a deviant sect among Muslims that is the official religion of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Extremism, hate and intolerance are the major pillars of Wahhabism and it is not by accident that all the murderous terrorist groups in the world such as ISIS, AlQaeda, BokoHaram, Shabbab etc that are killing the innocent in the name of Islam are inspired by Wahhabism. Wahhabism had successfully infiltrated and contaminated Sunni Islam and is recruiting brainwashed youths to fuel its murderous terrorism drive. The major claim of this murderous terrorist groups is that they want to establish an “Islamic state” that will bring “glory to Islam and Muslims” but the reality remain that more than 90% of the victims of ISIS, AlQaeda, BokoHaram etc are Muslims. How can these murderous Wahhabi terrorist groups bring glory to Muslims by killing them, excommunicating them from Islam, destroying their towns and cities and stealing their properties?
Christmas is not the only target of these murderous Wahhabi terrorist groups, they target and attack all religious gatherings not organize and sanctioned by them. Some few months back their target was the Arbaeen commemoration by followers of Shia Islam. They attacked Arbaeen mourners in Iraq and Afghanistan but in Nigeria President Buhari sent security forces to Kano to kill more than one hundred Arbaeen mourners and dumped the dead bodies of most of them in mass graves. The present Nigerian leader is a notorious tool of the Saudi regime and the deviant Wahhabism and has from December last year to date killed more innocent Shia civilians than the murderous BokoHaram terrorists who are killing defenseless Nigerians.
Muslims and humanity must as a matter of urgency find solution to the murderous Wahhabi scourge that is centered on hate-mongering, intolerance and murderous terrorism. An evil ideology that is centered on killing the innocent must not be allowed to flourish. Humanity must unite to eliminate such a dangerous evil cult that has led to the death of hundred of thousands of innocent people of which the overwhelming majority of them were Muslims.
On a final note, As our Christian brothers and sisters the world over prepare for the Christmas celebrations, I wish them safe holiday season.
Harun Elbinawi