Muslims Against Terror Condemns Attacks, Killings Against Shiite Mourners By Government Forces, Takfiri Muslim Terrorists In Nigeria, Afghanistan Etc

Extremist hoodlums used by elRufai government transported in police vehicles to massacre Nigerians of the IMN

In the name of Allah (the God), the most Beneficent, the most merciful.

Assalamualykum (peace be upon you)

We the Muslims Against Terror Organization totally condemns the wanton and barbaric attacks, killings of innocent people and burning of their properties by Takfiri terrorist youth, Nigerian Security Forces and combined team of apparently government-supported civilian thugs. We condemn the brutality, repression and intimidation of Shiite mourners commemorating “Ashura”, the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (P), the third Imam in “Shia” doctrine, in Nigeria, Afghanistan and rest of the world.

In Nigeria: On Tuesday 11-10-2016, Nigerian Security Forces surrounded a Shiite Mosque in Kaduna State, preventing the worshipers from leaving. The Shiite Muslim had gathered across the country and world to celebrate “Muharram” an Islamic Month particularly important to the Shiite “Sects”. On Wednesday 12-10-2016, more than 20 members of Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) were murdered, over a hundred injured and over 300 arrested across these towns in Funtua, Sokoto, Kaduna, Jos etc.

During the attacks on the mourners by Nigerian Security Forces and a combined team of supported civilian “Takfiri” groups, a house belonging to prominent Shia cleric was also set alight in Kaduna. More homes have since been burned and many more are still being killed.

In Afghanistan: Twin attacks apparently targeting “Shia” Muslims in Afghanistan. In the deadliest incident, on Wednesday 12-10-2016, at least 14 Afghanistan Civilians were killed, and 28 injured in the explosion happened at the gate of “Shia” Mosque in the center of Balkh district, the blast came as “ISIS” claimed responsibility for twin attacks in Kabul on Tuesday, that also targeted Shia’s, killing up to 18 people and wounding dozens of minority group celebrating “Ashura Festival”.

Ashura is the climax of Muharram, the month of mourning for the martyrdom of the Prophet Mohammed’s grandson Imam HUSSEIN (PBUH), the third “Shia” Imam, who was killed in battle more than 1,300 years ago by the command of Yazid Tyranny. They were martyred atrociously in “Karbala” on the 10th of “Muharram in Hijri” 61 (10 October, 680).

Soldiers stand by and supervise terror on Shia Muslims
Soldiers stand by and supervise terror on Shia Muslims


Takfiri terrorist youth transported by Kaduna police
Takfiri terrorist youth transported by Kaduna police

The violent and brutal measures by extremists and “Wahhabi”- affiliated forces against “Shias” and mourners of Imam Hussein (PBUH) have to be stopped, and perpetrators of such acts need to be immediately arrested and brought to justice in Nigeria, Afghanistan etc. Governments cannot continue to give immunity to such barbaric persons who act above the law and take the law in their own hands to perpetrate acts of extremism and terror that lead to societal anarchy.

“We are one people, so let us all in good conscience and human solidarity reject these extremists narrative and asserts our shared humanity and mutual respect for the sanctity of all human life”.

A Muslim will never kill a Christians, Jews or “Shia’s” Muslim simple because of their method of belief in God. Those who bear the name “Shia” Muslim including those to live a certain lifestyles; the marked

“Ashura” Procession: Nigerians Have The Right to Freely Assemble

Those who killed the innocent people, this is unlawful and contrary to the Sharia (Islamic Law). Those who kill these other believers have departed far from Islam. There is a statement in the Quran: there should be “absolutely no compulsion in religion. (Surah Al-Baqara 2:256).

The Nigerian Security Forces and combined Team of Supported Civilian Thugs and Takfiri Terrorist who killed dozens of “Shia” Muslims and injured many others. This is Satanic, and an aggression plan.

The Quran says; do not be brutal or commit aggression for surely God does not Love brutal aggressors.
The Muslim Quran says: anyone who kills a human being-it shall be as though he has killed all of the mankind, if anyone saves a life, it shall be as though he has saved the lives of all mankind (Quran 5:32).

Also Says: if a man (a believer) kills a (another) intentionally his recompense is Hell to abide therein (forever); and the wrath and the curse of Allah are upon him and dreadful penalty is prepared for him (Qur’an 4:93).

“Shia rituals” is a frequent target of militants of the “Takfiri Terrorist group” “Islamic State” who consider “Shias” as apostates who deserve to die.

We the Muslims Against Terror, condemn the actions of “Takfiri terrorist groups”, the implicate dmembers of the Nigerian Security Forces, implicated state administrators and others taking laws into their hand and combined team of supported civilian thugs loaded in Police Vans with sticks, and machetes attacking and killings of “Shia” Muslims. There is also no authority in the tradition for any individual to take thing into his own hands and impose their versions of the religion on someone else but punishment of those who abduct “Sects” in Islam is up to God. It is the duty of the government to arrest those involved in violence and not to rather support them.

God condemns all sects; In Quran we are commanded not to divide ourselves into “Sects”. Thus dividing our religion into “Sects” is against God’s command. Those who divide into “Sects” are termed as Idol worshipers and not members of God’s religion (Quran: 6:159).

Also say; those who divide themselves into “Sects” do not belong with you. Their judgments with God, then He will inform them of everything they had done (Qur’an 30:31)

On behalf of Muslims Against Terror, condemned the attacks, killings of innocent “Shia” mourners, as they marked “Ashura” the “Shia” Muslim day of remembrance the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (pbuh), the third “Shia” Imam that occurred on Wednesday 12-10-2016, at least 58 murdered and dozens injured in Nigeria, Afghanistan etc by Takfiri Terrorist groups and Nigeria Security Forces.

We extend our deepest condolence to the families, and friends of the victims and our sympathy with the people and government of Nigeria, Afghanistan etc. we pray for the recovery and the healing of all those injured in the attack.

“We stand with the victims in solidarity during these difficult times.”

We Pray for Peace, Love, Freedom and Security to return to Middle-East, Asia, North Eastern Nigeria, and Africa, to the rest of all Muslim Ummah and the world this year in the name of Allah (SWT) our Lord we pray (Amin). May Allah (God) guide them and protect them (Ameen).

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Salam (Peace)
Doctor Ahmad Amadi Jnr
Muslims Against Terror

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