My Letter to the Cabal: Game Up

Dear Cabal,

It is time for you to give up. It is time for you to abandon ship. Dear unscrupulous cabal, enough has surely been enough. We have had it with you… your time and grip of treasury is done; your choking of this nation is over. This letter is addressed to you. You know you are a cabal if you have cut up a slice of the paupers’ loaf that you fondly and atrociously call the ‘national cake.’ Yes that is you. You lazy godawful, who earned what you did not work for and made us suffer. You thief.

According to the latest report by the EFCC you cabal have from 1960 to 2005 looted $20 trillion dollars. 20 Trillion Dollars! That is over 100 yearly budgets put together! And in the last ten years with Nigeria earning more than ever before, you have looted no less than another 7 trillion dollars. That is final. This election you see here is a coated revolution. We are compiling a list of your names and all your benefactor family and friends. None of you will ever again near the corridors of power. It is our time. It is time for the Nigerian masses. APC cabal sef who helped this revolution will not near power. We promise you this. We thank you but it is time you retire. It is time all you cabal retire. Nigeria is about to experience a new day where our oil yield, 100%$ of it is for the masses; where our land is owned by the people and not cabal; where we farm natural seeds and not cabal GMO’s, where the masses decided and achieve in totality; where hooligans are no longer paid and political or military brute, brainless thugs no longer hold sway.

Some of us sat back and watched you puerile thieves steal for decades, but when your thieving lost total control and we could no longer simply live in our poverty in peace; with your Boko in the north, MEND in the south and Ombatse in the Middle we decided that it was enough. You have looted and now you are bombers and assassins of the masses, the only causality of terror sponsored by your nefarious reckless idiocy. Dear cabal. You are now late. Disappear for the masses are coming. We will not stop.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian