Nasarawa: Al-Makura Give Us Comrade Attama

By Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah
Politics apart, this is all about the future of the Nigerian Youth and Students in Nasarawa State, as such, I would not allow my personal or political interest conflict with that of the ordinary Nigerian Youth and Students in the street of Nasarawa State.
I am an ardent and unrepentant supporter of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, the PDP, I am equally for truth and justice, and my interest is to chart a way forward on how to unite the Nigerian Youth in Nasarawa State no matter our political differences.
It is one of the reason why I am PERSONALLY compelled to write on one of my brother and friend from All Progressive Congress (APC), a bulldozer, an activist, former Student/youth leader, and aspiring politician, Comrade Abdullahi Ibrahim Attama.
It is not longer news that the above named has served in the Central Campaign Council of Governor Al-Makura during the 2015 general election, in fact, Attama championed the campaign that mobilized some of the Nigerian Students in all the campuses in Nasarawa State for the re-election of Governor Al-Makura. But it seems as if the Governor is yet to recognised the youth/student constituency and the young man that had a sleepless night because of his re-election.
The election has come and gone, it is time to protect the interest of my constituency (Youth and Student), I have been in the struggle for the emancipation of the Nigerian Youth and Students for the past 5years both in Nigeria and at the Diaspora, as such, I am in a better position to recommend or advice the Government of Nasarawa State on someone that was insulted, blackmailed, called names that were not given to him by his parents in the course of the re-election of Al-Makura, in fact, I was part and parcel of those that worked against him, that very person is nobody but Comrade Abdullahi Ibrahim Attama, the former President, Nasarawa State Students Association (NASSA), College Of Agriculture, Lafia, Nasarawa State, former President North-Central Students Association, etc.
For the purpose of clarity and intellectual clear-headedness, I make bold to say if there is any youth/student leader in Nasarawa State that I am not aware of his existence, then that youth leader is not yet born in the history of Nasarawa State, as such, Comrade Abdullahi Ibrahim Attama is the best choice for the position of the Senior Special Assistant to the Government of Nasarawa State on (Youth and Student) matters.
As a matter of fact, all those youth masquerading as youth and student leaders before the Governor Al-Makura were no where to be found during the re-election saga, it was Abdullahi Ibrahim Attama that stood firmly against our interest and campaigned vigorously for Umaru Tanko Al-Makura.
In my own personal opinion as an active PDP member, it will be a disservice to Nigerian Youth, Nasarawa State and indeed, Nigeria if Governor Al-Makura failed to recognise and reward Abdullahi Ibrahim Attama as soon as quickly as possible with a portfolio to represent the Nigerian Youth and Students in his cabinet.
Let me state without any fear of contradiction or ill-wound  that Ibrahim Abdullahi Attama is the only young man of the APC extraction in Nasarawa State that will be able unite the youth/students of Nasarawa State no matter the political affiliation for peace and tranquillity, we are indeed in totality support of Ibrahim Abdullahi Attama as the representative of the youth in the Government of Al-Makura.
I am not unmindful of the fact that I have spoken the minds of hundred thousands of the Nigerian youth/students in Nasarawa State, even those that are against me will surely appreciate me for this singular honour because deeply inside their mind, they knows I am a voice that the government of Nasarawa State would always listened to.
Once again, I am an active member of PDP now and always, and Ibrahim Abdullahi Attama is the solution of the youth/student restiveness in Nasarawa State.
Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah Is The National President Of The Nasarawa State Youth Network (NASTYNET), He Can Be Reached On Twitter @ik_dallah