Negotiators close to Israel-Hamas ceasefire deal – NYT

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According to the New York Times, Israel and Hamas are on track to negotiate a long-term cease-fire agreement within the next two weeks, citing anonymous US officials familiar with the negotiations.

The US-brokered arrangement might see Hamas release the remaining Israeli detainees in exchange for the IDF suspending its attacks on Gaza for nearly two months, according to an article published on Saturday.

According to reports, a written copy integrating both sides’ suggestions has been developed over the last ten days and will be discussed at meetings in Paris on Sunday.

Approximately 1,200 people were killed and 240 held hostage during Hamas’ assault into Israel on October 7. According to Gaza’s health ministry, the IDF operation that followed the raid has killed 26,422 Palestinians and injured 65,087 others. Earlier this week, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) directed Israel to take all necessary steps to avert genocide in Gaza.

Hamas released over half of the hostages during a week-long truce in November. According to Israeli police, the organisation still possesses 136 persons, with over two dozen prisoners thought to have been murdered during the combat.

The new ceasefire deal would be “more expansive in scope” than the previous one, the officials claimed. In its first phase, which would see the hostilities come to a halt for 30 days, women, the elderly, and wounded hostages are to be freed by Hamas. During this time, the sides will agree to a second phase, which would prolong the truce for another month in exchange for the release of Israeli soldiers and male civilians.

The agreement would also see more humanitarian aid reach Gaza, they said. The number of Palestinians to be released from Israeli prisons has not yet been negotiated, but the sources described it as “a solvable issue.”

The accord would not result in the permanent ceasefire that Hamas has demanded, but officials voiced confidence that after a two-month hiatus, Israeli attacks on Gaza would be less intense. They also stated that the truce will open up a window for talks, potentially leading to a broader resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.