New Nigerian Card Scammers “Employ” Americans To Receive, Forward Packages


Scammers are always seeking innovative ways to make their bread.

The latest method involves Nigerian scammers “employing” unsuspecting Americans and promising them payment to receive and forward packages for them.

The Nigerians then use the stolen credit card information to place orders to their homes and the unsuspecting Americans package and ship these expensive items through various courier agents to the thieves in Nigeria.

This email is an example of the typical recruitment method:

An innovative organization is searching for Postal Workers. The work requires no complex experience other than basic computer literacy and ability to work with letters and dispatches.

This is a permanent job with a compensation of up to two thousand five hundred US dollars after tax payable monthly.

Fully fit for stay-at-home moms, semi-retired and business individuals who remain in their personal workplace during standard working hours.

Job details:

– Collect parcels and letters from USPS, UPS, Fedex at your location.
– Repackage them if necessary.
– Verify the packages.
– Use prepaid labels provided to you.
– Take mail to the local USPS offices.
– Communicate with the logistics analyst via e-mail, and phone calls .
– Send tracking numbers via your online account.

You should:

– Have an US residence with postal address.
– Have integrity and knowledge of mailing services.
– Have a transportation or have access to a USPS branch within walking distance.
– Work with up to 20 lbs.

In case you’re interested in this opportunity, kindly reply directly to this e-mail, and we will get back to you ASAP.