In New ‘Videos’ Boko Haram Mocks Regional Military Alliance, Claims All Is Well For Terror

False cease fire: President Jonathan and Idriss Deby, linked to Boko Haram
  • NewsRescue- We have not seen and verified the ‘videos’

by Hamza Idris

The Boko Haram sect on Sunday released three different videos; the first showing the leader of the group, Abubakar Shekau boasting that the coming of regional alliance by Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon and Niger will not tame his group from carrying out terror across the region.

Shekau said he will keep attacking and killing whom he calls, infidels, assuring that he will ensure that democracy is frustrated and Islam entrenched not only in Nigeria but in neighboring countries.

In the second video, armed men were shown punishing “offenders” as two young men were given lashes for alleged adultery, another’s right hand amputated for alleged stealing and the third person stoned to death for alleged fornication after which the whole of his body, with the exception of the head was buried in a ditch.

Hundreds of people, including women in Hijab as well as children were seen in the yet to be identified town while hundreds of Boko Haram fighters were also shown chanting Allahu Akbar meaning “God is Great” while driving towards unknown direction on a deserted highway.

The third video showed the “temporary” invasion of Damaturu, the capital of Yobe State on 1st December, 2014.

In the video, hundreds of insurgents led by an armoured personnel carrier drove through Gujba road in a convoy of Hilux vehicles and motorcycles.

They later appeared in front of the Government House along Maiduguri where an exchange of gunshots ensured before they got access into the premises.

An unidentified spokesman, surrounded by hooded fighters later appeared in a bush where he showcased over 50 vehicles and ammunition which he said were the “spoils of war” they got from Damaturu.

He also debunked claims by the Nigerian armed forces that the December 1st attack by the group was repelled, insisting that “We had a field day in Damaturu, ate and dined, took what we wanted and thereafter drove out of the town at our own volition, with all the vehicles, ammunitions and other things we wanted to take along,” he said.