New Website Launched For Massacre Victims

General Adeniyi Oyepdae, Left, to be expended as the sacrificial lamb

Press Release

We invite you to share this memorial piece dedicated towards justice for he victims of Nigeria’s tragic Zaria massacre event.

While there have been similar State implicated massacres after the Zaria incident of December last year, such as the Onitsha massacre where similar secret burials were reportedly conducted by the army under the same leadership; and the Abia massacre, the Zaria massacre is a useful case based on the attention and size to seek global justice for army gross misconduct.
This is why we see it as our civic duty to seek change in the army leadership by raising awareness to the human right violations and crimes against humanity in the best interest of our personal future safety as a nation.
Today the army under the same leadership is being deployed to the south-south. Massacres and secret burials will inevitably be the order of the day.
Nigerians are invited to contribute to the ZariaMassacre website project. Victims should please send the site their stories and pictures.
We appreciate your continued support for the cause of Nigerians and Nigeria.
Dr. Peregrino Brimah, @EveryNigerian; [email protected]