Niger Delta Terror: Tompolo Amassing Boats And Soldiers – Ex-Militant

Ayatollah Buratai, "defender of Nigeria's democracy"
  • This while “defender of Nigeria’s democracy,” General Buratai watches

New revelations surrounding the role of Government Ekpemupolo (AKA Tompolo) in the recent bombings of oil and gas pipelines in the Gbaranmatu kingdom located in Delta State.  =

A member of the defunct Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), Africanus Ukparasia (AKA General Africa) claimed that the decision to absolve Tompolo of responsibility was wrong.

The former MEND member stated that the attacks were planned by Tompolo and another ex-militant leader General Shoot at Sight. General Africa, who is now a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), explained that the bombings were intended to send a warning to the Federal Government not to arrest and prosecute Tompolo and General Shoot at Sight.

“Tompolo and General Shoot at Sight conspired to bomb the pipelines to send a message that they have the capacity to disrupt oil production and, therefore, cripple the economy of the country,” General Africa said.

The former militant alleged that both Tompolo and General Shoot at Sight were amassing a fleet of boats.  The two, according to General Africa, were also recruiting young men in order to mount a new armed struggle in the Niger Delta.

General Africa claimed that the young men are based at a camp in the Bolowo community of Ese-Ode Local Government Area (LGA) in Ondo State. The camp is allegedly nearby an army checkpoint.

According to General Africa, the young men are not allowed to leave the camp or use phones, for fear that they might send photos to their families of the camp.

General Africa warned that any attempt to commence another round of militancy in the Niger Delta was a selfish agenda and called on the security agencies to quell it immediately.

“We warn Tompolo that this time around, he will not have the opportunity of hiding away from the Federal forces in his vessel as he did the last time when the federal troops ordered by late President Yar’adua went after him,” General Africa said.

The former militant leader concluded with an announcement that he, and his allies, would assist the Federal Government in capturing Tompolo. He lamented that Tompolo’s actions led to the further degradation of an already devastated environment.