Nigeria (32) Has Taken in More Syrian Refugees Than Saudi Arabia (9); This As Refugees Sell Their Organs To Migrate

Nigeria's president Muhammadu Buhari with Saudi King Salman as Saud


Fact sheets with the data of countries that have taken in Syrian refugees give startling figures.

Turkey has admitted the most refugees thus far, a total of 2.5 million. Turkey is being paid by European nations to keep the refugees in camps and away from migrating to Europe.

Next comes Lebanon with 1 million and Jordan at over 600, 000.

Next door neighbors, Saudi Arabia has taken only 9 refugees according to the data

Nigeria in West Africa has taken in 32 refugees while the United States has taken about 5,600.

Refugees are undergoing immense suffering in attempts to migrate to Europe with many resorting to sell their organs.

“By God, I don’t know how much money I can make from my kidney, but I have no other solution,” A refugee given the pseudonym “Mayar” said to Vocativ in a recent interview. “Life in Egypt is expensive.”

The cost to be smuggled across the Mediterranean is about $1000.