Nigeria Courts Saudi Government Who Helped Depose Buhari And Implant Evil-Babangida

Late Idiagbon: the coup happened when he was away in Saudi Arabia


idiagbonWe have in years past, clearly described the steps that wrecked Nigeria. See: Summary of Nigeria IMF-SAP debt progression and How The IMF-World Bank and Structural Adjustment Program(SAP) Destroyed Africa.

The narrative is well defined: as detailed in the articles, through the CIA aided coup in 1985, the Buhari-Idiagbon government that staunchly rejected IMF-SAP crippling impositions on Nigeria, was removed and replaced by the Babangida regime that misruled Nigeria for 14 years and via its PDP political party, continued to wreck Nigeria for another 16.

The Foes:

To remove Buhari and Idiagbon from government, the Babangida coup was made possible by a conspiracy through the Saudi Royal family who invited late General Tunde Idiagbon to the Kingdom to enable the overthrow of their government in his absence.

Naiwu Osahon, an elder historian narrates:

Naiwu Osahon
Naiwu Osahon

Through the facilities of Abiola and the Dantatas, Yar Adua was brought into the picture to help influence the Saudi Arabian monarch to extend a special invitation to Idiagbon as a guest of the monarch, to perform the 1985 Lesser Hajj in Mecca. Idiagbon felt greatly honoured by the invitation and took with him to Mecca, most of his supporters on the splintered Supreme Military Council, including Mamman Vasta.

With Idiagbon (who was the head of the Buhari’s regime in every sense of the word, and was very popular because of his transparent honesty, patriotism, and discipline), out of the way, Buhari (who was ready to vacate office anyway), was picked up like a helpless chicken at Doddan Barracks, and dumped in jail. Idiagbon, against the coupists’ advice, returned home a people’s hero, although locked up for several months too by Babangida.

babangida-pastThe day after Babangida’s coup, I attacked it on the front page of the Sunday Punch newspaper, as a ploy by the (IMF and the World Bank) to marginalize the naira and destroy our economy, and Babangida was described as a snake by nature and a stooge of the West. The Editor of the Sunday Punch and his deputy at the time, Ayo Osintolu, and Bob Opone, respectively, were suspended from their jobs. Ayo for six months and Bob for three. I was unemployed as usual at the time, so, Babangida was handicapped about how to deal with me immediately. I heard later that I was blacklisted for all future government contracts and positions, even though my secondary school classmate Rear Admiral Aikhomu (rtd) eventually became Babangida’s deputy in office. I never tried to find out. by Naiwu Osahon

King Salmana nd President Buhari
King Salmana nd President Buhari

Today, after 30-years of desperation to return to power, President Buhari is not only courting the very IMF and World Bank that he knows are only poised to drain and ruin Nigeria, but the former General, now turned politician seems eager to embrace Nigeria’s other foes and co-conspirators against the Nigerian State, the very Saudi Royals who helped depose him from power and consequently ruin Nigeria.