#Nigeria: EVD Out EVD Lingering


There has never been more gloom and gore in the geographically great land called Nigeria than now. The land is tearing blood in despair and excruciating agony of the calamitous catastrophe that it is made to wallow in. Good things are constricted to bad and bad to worse in the country. Misery everywhere you look, insecurity everywhere you live, corruption everywhere you go, uncertainty anytime you think—in short, life (here) is like a rehearsal in preparation of another life in hell for so many.

Many people are not supposed to be where they are today. A wrong person in a wrong place could be a problem from fate. Of all Liberians, only Patrick Sawyer was the wrong Liberian to have come to Nigeria and the only right place for him to stay then was his country Liberia. Patrick Sawyer brought Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) to Nigeria. Though Ebola killed only a few people, many died as a result of Ebola remote damage—courtesy of salt and water Ebola cure hoax. Panic reigned, mutual suspicion became reason and some people got richer in the name of prevention and control of the outbreak.

Ebola has done its damage and the phenomenon is gradually sliding into oblivion. Ebola is now history. The disease used to make news, many awareness campaigns were done over it, lectures organized and prayers prayed. Ebola is now dead, the Progressives killed it. Fear and panic because of Ebola is now nonexistent, people now shake hands some even embrace. Life is now normal as it was before the visit of Ebola. Unfortunately, Ebele Viral Disaster (EVD) still lingers!

Like EVD, EVD was brought to Nigerians by somebody who himself should now be regretting. He sowed this disastrous seed of a man in the leadership soil of Nigeria of whom we are today reaping the sour fruit of his ruler-ship. The Nigeria body politic has never been a victim of such life-taking and life-threatening disaster at any point in time like it is under this notorious organism called EVD.

Within six years, some dire damages that will take decades to correct have been done. A day under this administration means death: deaths through road accidents due to bad roads, deaths through Boko Haram prank, deaths through military and police brutality, deaths through suicide due to hopelessness and frustration, deaths due to inadequate health care. Why must somebody kill us despite we are OK that he doesn’t “give a damn.”? Why must somebody kill us even after we agree that stealing is not corruption? Why can’t he protect our lives even after we agree that minority carries the vote (16 is greater than 19 and some similar numerical scandals) in democracy?

Ebele Viral Disaster is fatal reality that needs to be taken care of. The disaster is killing the unity, peace and progress of the nation. The disaster is contagious; there are people who now think like EVD, they only do—with impunity—what he want them to do. They justify every atrocity he does. Nigeria, because of that type of people, is in a dark time.

Like the brave people who fought Ebola Virus Disease, people should take the bravery to fight Ebele Viral Disaster. It is godly to fight the anti-God; it is an honorable activism to dislodge the anti-people. Posterity will praise those who would come to our rescue. Nigeria is not a jungle and Nigerians are not animals. It is disgusting that somebody who spent his life studying animal psychology and behavior is treating a people (like animals) the way his banal whim tells him to. He has ruined the dignity and respect of Nigeria everywhere and he trying to do same to anybody who dare oppose him. This is what happens when you take somebody on the street(s) that has no any decent philosophy, ideology or principle, a person who see life as an end rather than a sacred journey and handover the destiny of a people to him. It is a tragedy to say the least!

To a great extent, those in power today are the reflections of those whom they exercise their powers upon. But the C in C is too much a disaster that one may be tempted to ask: God, why? Why this man over us? Why this grudge-carrying, grungy, malicious petty person? A religious Authority once prophesized that; “When authority is given to those who don’t deserve it…” we should wait for something. I pray not to see that thing!

Something similar to what happened in Egypt centuries ago may hopefully happen in Nigeria soon. The story of Pharaoh and Moses is our point of example. Pharaoh appropriated the position of God unto himself and ruled Egypt for donkey’s years. Killing, torture and propaganda were some of his tactics of governance. Injustice being transient, an agent of liberation and freedom rose from within his house. With the help of the brave fed up masses (Jews) who chose to make part of changing the line of history, who decided to renounce submitting to fakery, Moses helped them break their bondage and God drowned Pharaoh. Today you can hardly tell the difference in style of governance between Egypt under Pharaoh and Nigeria under EVD.

Think about the Holocaust perpetrated in the North allegedly by Boko Haram. Think about the media propaganda comparing him to Mandela, Obama and Li Kuan Yu. Think about the intimidation, harassment and the witch-hunting of opposition. Like Moses, some people with legitimacy have broken out of the party that is peregrinating to destruction and perdition. They are leading the adventure to progress and change. Some of these people are: Rochas Okorocha, Rotimi Amaechi, Rabiu Kwankwaso and currently Aminu Waziri Tambul. The task of bringing back discipline, order, sanity and ease to Nigeria is indeed a big mission. With the support of the people, it could be done. Truth will defeat falsehood and light will prevail over darkness. For now, we appreciate them and from now on, we are with them. We understand the challenge. We understand the sacrifices required. We are willing, able and ready to walk the talk of progressive change in Nigeria.