‘Nigeria Fuel Riots are Not ‘Occupy’ Riots’

January 5th, 20012

NLC President, Abdulwaheed Omar {LeadershipNg}

NewsRescue- ‘The fuel hike riots in Nigeria are not ‘Occupy’ riots as you have in the United States and Europe’, Mr Agbati of Synthetic Nigeria says. ‘These riots are due to a single irresponsible legislation from the Nigerian government that was imposed on them by… obviously, our colonial masters. It seems someone is not happy with our peace, otherwise how else do you explain the abrupt removal of subsidies all over Africa, from Cameroon, through Guinea, to Nigeria and Ghana. If Goodluck Johnathan had any self interests at hand, of course he would have removed the subsidy gradually to cushion the effects on his people, but this abrupt removal, more than doubling the fuel prices in Nigeria is political suicide and definitely the wishes of someone above him who wants to see Nigeria go through the kind of chaos we saw in the Middle East, US and Europe. Someone does not like our peace.’

Political Suicide

Oladipo Fashina, a union leader, described the move by the President, Goodluck Johnathan (GEJ) on Aljazeera, as “immoral and politically suicidal” and  urged Nigerians to resist “with everything they have”.

The same has been said of Atta Mills, the Ghanian presidents move at the same time, when  his re-election period looms this very 2012.

Christine Lagarde, IMF boss {Alt-Market}

Why would African leaders take such a move, and not in gradual fashion as would be more appropriate, bearable and politically wise, but abruptly all together remove fuel subsidies? This has been attributed to an imposition by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) compelling African nations to immediately remove all fuel subsidies, for supposed global economic reasons. The visit last December of IMF’s new boss, Christine Lagarde, who replaced Dominique Strauss Khan (DSK), a famous serial molester, accused then of raping an African woman, was obviously to drive home the subsidy removal to Nigeria’s president, GEJ.

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‘Nigeria’s Fuel riots are NOT ‘Occupy’ riots’

The western media is eager to brand the riots in Nigeria as occupy riots. CNN has been calling the riots, ‘Occupy Nigeria’. Occupy riots have been going on in America for the 5th straight month, in major cities, from New York, to Los Angeles, with so far over 6000 arrests having being made. The ‘Occupy’ riots spun off of the famous Egypt Tahrir square riots that brought on regime change in Egypt. Protesters in the United States, who call themselves the disenfranchised 99%, demand better opportunities, and true democracy as against the corporate ruled global system and crippling corporate greed. Similar riots have broken out in the United Kingdom, including the August 2011 ‘Robin-hood‘ riots.

But Nigeria’s current disturbance is very different. Nigerians are reacting to a singular government decision to purposefully inflict hardship upon them, at the whim of foreign government machines. Why is it in foreign interest to foment chaos in Africa? Most African Nations have been relatively spared of the chaos that affected and has led to riots and regime change across the Middle East and Europe. The African Nations lack of reliance on credit based capital system and decreased global integration and product based and not ‘futures’ and arbitrary economies, insulated them from the greater impacts of the global ‘wall street’ recession.

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Fertile land and more responsible government policies helped to protect African nations from being hard hit as the current global famine rocked nations of the Middle East and Arab Africa, most other African Nations survived being hard hit. The question remains,- who is trying so hard to foment chaos in Africa at large, and Nigeria specifically and to what gain?

Nigerian’s keep being suspicious and ask who is behind Boko Haram, a noisy and lousy terrorist group whose name literally means, ‘western civilization is bad’, that operates out of Borno state, Nigeria and frequently strikes with bombs.

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Bombs rock Maiduguri; Protests in Kano


Over 300 arrests have been made across Nigeria, as the fuel riots proceed all over Nigeria, with major riots in Kano state, in which police had to move in and violently disperse the protesters. Nigeria Labour Union Congress(NLC) President, Comrade Abdulwaheed Omar called for an indefinite Nationwide strike to resume Monday if the fuel subsidy decision is not reversed. He advised Nigerians to stockpile food and essentials, as banks, air and sea ports, markets, fuel stations and the like will be shut down.

Meanwhile 3 bombs went off in Maiduguri in North-east Nigerian. The bombs were said to have gone off in a local community, targeting local Northerners. We have not yet received report on the causalities.

Is someone is trying to destabilize Nigeria, and possibly provoke separation and need for foreign military intervention and control of the resources? This is a question only Nigerians can ask themselves and determine to protect themselves from and deal with.