Nigeria: Smelly Armpit Capital Of The World

You are now in Lagos. I know, I can smell it!

 Gary Frist,

NewsRescue– No Joke. I have traveled to quite a number of country’s, and none comes close to Nigeria in the smelly sector.

Everyone knows this, and I just can’t imagine why Nigeria’s men take forgetting to dab on deodorant serious.

As soon as I walked in at Murtala Airport yesterday, I knew I had arrived. Whiffs from everywhere. Pungent odors perusing the nostrils, smells competing over smells.

With the type of smells you get in Nigeria, you can almost paint a picture of the person. These smells are as tall and bold as they are pungent. If you have never experienced it, don’t bother imagining because you can never paint a near accurate picture.

You know you can tell how many Nigerians are in a room with your eyes closed. OMG! You can detect odor 1, odor 2, odor 3….

Think of Syria and Sarin gas. That kind of need-a-gas-mask smells. WMD chemical weapons grade… prepared in a laboratory.

You’ve won the war Nigeria, now kindly turn off the chemical weapons. Geesh!

I can just imagine the armpits are unshaven and the odors have been cooked over several days.

It’s not just about deodorant and the tropical country. There must be a hygiene aspect to it, I don’t think we can really blame this one 0on the poor government.

Shave every week and wash several times daily.

I for one, I don’t use antiperspirants, because I am scared of them blocking my pores and leading to cancer and all other stuff. I only use deodorants, but it takes a while for smells to ever build even with the mildest attention to the armpit.

And if you do not have deodorant or do not like to use it, be conscious of your armpit for heaven-sake. Visit the bathroom couple of times a day and swab it with soap. That does the trick.

I have been able to handle smelly capital over my many visits, even in clubs where you can never imagine the visible scents, but I felt so sad for the Emirates air hostess’ and that’s partly why I finally put finger to keyboard. As they walked through the airport, they all had a handkerchief over their noses. They looked like they wanted to cry. I can imagine they have a routine– dabbing some perfume on the their hankies while the plane taxies, and bracing for a walk through the chemical weapons field.

I love Nigeria, but damn, many of you stink!