Dokubo Betrays Jonathan: Monkey No Fine But Him Mama Like Am

  • …Referred to the president as the proverbial ‘ugly monkey’ as relates to his competence
  • Says he only supports Jonathan because he is an Ijaw ‘brother’

Sept. 18, 2013

NewsRescue– Dokubo Asari has spoken honestly. Something very few Nigerians are known to. He basically stated his views that the current president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan may not be competent or worthy, but gets his support simply and only out of ethnic relationship. His debasing speech, being one of the back-bones of the president, further dashed the practicality of the president gaining victory by the ballot.

At 5 minutes in this video, he said:

I am 50 years old

I fought all governments. I never supported.

I am supporting my own.

Goodluck Jonathan is an Ijaw man, let them name any government in the history of this country that I have ever yaradua-jonathansupported.

My support is biased!

Charity begins at home.

Monkey no fine, him mama like am.

Goodluck na my person, he is from my place, I no go leave am.

Abacha’s people supported him. (Though Abacha was never elected)

Obasanjo’s people supported him. (Though Obasanjo got minimal support from the Yoruba)

I will support my own.

Goodluck Jonahthan, the current and embattled president, who became Nigeria’s president by an intentional manipulation supported by a death–the imposition of a dying candidate on the country– orchestrated by Obasanjo and Dangote,  appears to be the most unappreciated and disregarded one in Nigeria’s history, even by his own people, who publicly concede not appreciating his works, but only supporting him out of kinship.

It is interesting to note that Jonathan got much of his support from Yoruba people, and that when he ran for presidency, Niger Delta militants told him not to run, warning him not to come to Bayelsa and even bombing his house. Despite huge appeasements in the form of contracts and deals, the loyalty of even this ‘his’ region come 2015 can never be assured once elections are initiated and this ‘rewarding’ tenure is at its end. A current rift with the governor of the richest and one major Niger Delta state, Rivers, at this early point in time goes to show.