Nigeria Sponsoring Fake Human Rights Groups To Hide ‘War Crimes’ Of Zaria Massacre

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Lt. Gen T. Yusuf Buratai
Lt. Gen T. Yusuf Buratai

After the brutal Zaria massacre by the Nigerian Army that killed 1000+ defenseless & unarmed Nigerians, the Nigerian government via the Nigerian Army launched a campaign of Calumny & dis – information to twist the facts & demonize the peaceful Islamic Movement of Nigeria ( IMN ) under the leadership of His Eminence Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky. Unfortunately for them Nigerians saw through their propaganda & called for an independent & credible commission to probe the Zaria massacre.

The Nigerian government in order to deceive Nigerians again formed a kangaroo commission via the Kaduna state government that is populated by die-hard Salafis who have ShiaGenocide as a Global agenda and retired military officers who have vested interest. How can such a compromised commission that do not have a single member from the active & vocal Nigerian human rights community be just in investigating the Zaria massacre?

The Nigerian government not done with that is now sponsoring fake Human Rights groups to poisoned the minds of Nigerians & create scapegoats & distractions for the Zaria massacre. One of those fake Human rights group that was sponsored by the Nigerian government is a faceless group called “Coalition of Human Rights & pro-Democracy Based civil society organization” led by one Ibrahim Abubakar. This faceless group recently sponsored a piece calling for the Nigerian government to report Iran to the #UN & to expel the Iranian Ambassador to Nigeria Mr.Saeed Koozechi for “interfering in Nigerian internal affairs”.

It is important to note that it was not only Iran that condemned the inhuman Zaria massacre by the Nigerian Army, all human rights organizations the world over strongly condemned that brutal massacre. Even the #US government that rewarded the Nigerian Army with 24 used vehicles immediately after the Zaria massacre called for independent probe to the massacre.

Iran’s condemnation of the #Zaria massacre is not based on sectarian consideration, Iran has condemned similar occurances in others countries in the past. Today there is no voice stronger than #Iran in condemning the massacres of defenseless #Palestinians by the #Israeli regime. Majority of Palestinians are #Sunni Muslims.

Recently after the Saudi regime murdered the peaceful scholar & human rights campaigner, #SheikhNimr, the Saudi regime had a face-up with Iran that resulted in that regime breaking ties with Iran. The Saudi regime bribed some Banana Republics & failed states like #Somalia to break ties with Iran. This faceless group want Nigeria to follow the footsteps of these Banana Republics & break ties with Iran.

Today it is Nigeria that most needs ties with Iran because Nigeria is on the verge of Economic collapse while Iran just emerged from sanctions with more than $100 billion freed due to the #IranDeal. The world sees how Europe is desperate to improve ties with Iran, & even the US wish to have diplomatic ties with Iran but the Iranians are not incline to that. So today it is Nigeria that needs Iranian money, investment & technology. Calling for Nigeria to break ties with Iran is a call of the most foolish.

Recently new horrific videos of the Zaria massacre are emerging of which the most recent is the one that shows how the Nigerian Army burnt to death followers of Sheikh Zakzaky in his residence. And some Nigerians had succeeded in locating one of the mass graves that the Nigerian Army buried the victims of the Zaria massacre. Evidences & proofs are accumulating, those who masterminded & executed that heinous massacre that was undoubtedly a war crime will be held accountable one day. There is no amount of sponsoring fake Human Rights groups that will save them from the long arm of justice, Nigerians know the real human rights groups & all of them without exception strongly condemned the Zaria massacre.

Harun Elbinawi
[email protected]