Nigerian Muslims Celebrate Christmas in Pastor’s House in Solidarity With Christians to Boost Inter-religious Tolerance


Hundreds of Muslims youth and traditional title holders from 23 local government of kaduna state from Northern city of Nigeria visited pastor Yohanna Buru house, in the early hours of today ,to mixed up with other Christians worshipper in the house so as to celebrate Christmas together.

Pastor Yohanna Buru the general over seer of Christ evangelical intercessory fellowship ministry said,”am so glad to them in our mixed,and its really wonderful to see that the number of people that dominated the house today were mostly Muslims who came different part of the country.

Pastor Buru said, this comes to us as a shock,because we never expected the large number to be like this,”to me this is love,unity and togetherness,we are using this Christmas to brings back peace and unity ,and we want this relationship to be maintain for ever.”

Dr yusuf Nadabo Dean student affairs kaduna state of university said this is not the first time of coming to pastor Yohanna Buru’s house for the sole purpose of celebrating Christmas, but the fact is that the number of Muslims this year is more populated than the previous years;

Dr Nadabo said, this is the most joyful time of the year. We do not need proof of coexistence ,. We are one people, created by our forefather Adam and eve,we are muslims and we came to felicitate with our fellow brothers(the pastor always participate in muslims festivity and there fore,all of us muslim have to come and show him that love he display to us during sallah and Maulud celebration).

Dr Nadabo said it’s a Christmas day but you cant believed in what you can see today in this house cause muslims dominate Christian pastor’s house with the sole aims of strengthening peace and religious tolerance.

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Alhaji Kabiru abdullahi (Marafan Gwanin Gora) is among the traditional title holder that attended the Christmas party at pastor Yohanna Buru, and he also urged all Nigeria to continue pray for peace and unity of the country

Alhaji Kabiru stressed the need for promoting unity among all Nigerians and calling on other religious leaders to emulate from pastor Yohanna Buru.

Alhaji kabiru also thank security operative for crime free Christmas through out the 19 northern state of Nigeria

It’s a surprising to see that Christian and Muslim clerics are also taking part in the different occasions and events organized in order to celebrate Christmas today. Similarly several Muslim politicians have also attended events in churches held in order to mark Christmas.