Nigerian Peace NGO urges Northern & South Eastern Youth Groups “Massop & IPOB” to Embrace Peace & Dialogue, Not to Disintegrate Nigeria over Biafra Issues

Nnamdi kanu with his militants in picture on his Biafra's group page

In an interview with the National President Peace Revival and Reconciliation Foundation of Nigeria pastor Yohanna Buru , said that all the northern youth organization and the eastern youth network have to come together and under stand that Nigeria has been in existence for over 100 years, and the people of the country still want to be as one Nigerian.

Buru pointed out clearly that ,The God that create Nigeria to be as one with over 500 languages and different ethnicity and cultural background, still want to see the country living united in peace and harmony irrespective of all the ethno-religious,polical crisis beveling peace stability across the 36 states of Nigeria.

Buru said ,The various calls by different northern youth organization to Igbos communities residing in the 19 northern state to evacuate from the entire region within 30 months is not a welcome development, in view of the fact that since the amalgamation of the country in 1914 ,Nigerian has been living together in existence as one entity, adding that what the country need at this time is prayer ,not a calls for break-up or division.

Buru further state that “our former regional leaders such as Sir Ahmadu bello sardauna of Sokoto and chief obafemi Awolowo and chief Nnamdi Azikiwe will not be happy seeing series of calls by various groups in the country to disintegrate, because according him this call is a total setback to Nigeria been the giant of Africa.

“Am begging on Biafran Agitators to hold-on,while also calling on the northern Youth to stop organizing press conference and issuing threat statement which will cause a great damages to the peace effort by Nigerians authorities and CSO//NGos in tackling security challenges in North-eastern Nigeria,southern kaduna killing and other crisis that are causing serious damages to peace and unity across the country.”

Buru then appeal to all traditional title holders and Religious leaders ,Non governmental organization NGO and civil societies organization CSO that are promoting peaceful co-existance to redouble effort in promoting peace and unity among Nigerians at all level,stressing that through dialogue with all the groups Nigeria will over come this problems.

While applauding the effort of Northern Governors,Tradtional title holders for their quick intervention over the matter ,he then urged federal government to find means of organizing a national meeting for all the traditional title holders from all the 36 states of Nigeria.

Buru finally urged northern youth and eastern Nigerian youth networks to be law abiding citizens in other to make Nigeria great.

There is need to calls on both side of the youth to halt the break-up of the country,because by God grace Nigeria will still be living together for many years to come.