Nigerian Senators Rush To Amend Constitution For Supreme Powers As Nation Dips Into Recession

David Mark


Three days to the handover of power to the incoming Buhari administration, Nigerian senators are in a last minute desperate push to amend the constitution to give them absolute powers over the new president, life immunity and life pension.

In the latest effort, the Supreme court asked the Senators and the president Goodluck Jonathan to settle out of court in 48 hours in the obvious rush effort to make these amendments that give absolute power over the incoming president, before he assumes office June 1st.

It must be noted that the president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan has stood on the right side of the matter, blocking the senators from achieving their goals in this proposed broad amendment packaged with corrupt perks for themselves. The assemblymen have been threatening to override Jonathan’s veto block of the amendment of the 1999 constitution.

Social activists are however kicking against the rush change that is happening while the Senators do not care about Nigerian now in an economic recession.