Nigerian Soldiers Fighting Boko Haram Terrorists Make Video of Suffering, Complain About Neglect By Army Top Command

SR Translated transcript:

See how soldiers are suffering!  God will surely avenge on our behalf. This is the way soldiers in North East are suffering.  The first rainfall of the season came today while we are in the bush. They will go out telling the world that they are looking after us – which is not true. All of us have spent more than 2 years here.

They are denying our rights (not to spend more than 6months at the war front) and that of our family. We are only doing this video to let you know our situation. We are appealing to Senate to please send a representative to come and see our situation. This tree fell today under 3 soldiers. Thanks to God nobody died. Now we are looking for ways to help them.  (somebody shouting from the background,  every day is a trouble).

Lt. Gen Ayatollah T. Yusuf Buratai says he is the defender of democracy

The government will send us here without Shelter. IDPs are even better than us. We are doing this video to let people know our situation.  Whenever we talk Kukasheka Usman will come and refute us. God will avenge on our behalf. Without the support of God and the military, the terrorists would have overrun the whole country by now. They are really maltreating us. We are doing this video to show you our situation.  God will avenge on our behalf.