Our Nigerian Sunni Brother Okoh Sheriff E E Wrote on Sheikh Zakzaky Zakzaky (H) – @Elbinawi

Zakzaky, left, remains detained

One thing you can hardly take away from the Shiites is their highest sense of Diplomacy and Brotherhood in all ramifications.

Sometime in December, 2016, I observed them fellowship with Christians in Kaduna State to felicitate with them for the Christmas and New year Celebration, right inside the Churches.

Yesterday, they stormed the residence of our revered Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi, Leader of the most Populous Muslim Sect (Tijaniyyah) in Nigeria, for Iftar (Breaking of the fast). I honestly missed that event!!!

My questions are simple:

1. Did Mr. Lai Muhammed not tell Nigerians, nobody wants to be neighbour to Elzakzaky and his followers?

How come even Lai Mohammed’s spiritual father is fellowshipping and eating with the Shiites?

2. Did Mr. Lai Muhammed not tell Nigerians that Elzakzaky was not in Custody, but in a house they built for him?

How come those that love and reverence Elzakzaky most can not find the friendly address and visit him like they did Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi and other Christian Missionaries?

3. Did Lai Muhammed not paint Elzakzaky to Nigerians as his personal friend and that of the Presidency?

How come he and the good people who prefer to be neighbours to Elzakzaky by building him an edifice, are not openly having Iftar or Sahur with Elzakzaky as Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi has done?

4. Did Mr. Lai Muhammed not paint Elzakzaky and his followers as dangerous violent people before Nigerians?

Could this government or any other under the sun anywhere in the world, have treated Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi with the abominable contempt and injustice with which the innocent Elzakzaky is been treated in Nigeria, and this country would know peace from Sect Members, including Lai Muhammed?!

5. Can we now validly conclude that Elzakzaky and his followers are dangerous violent people as Lai Muhammed (Justice of Peace) wanted us to believe?!

Is it not true that even Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi wants the Shiites and Elzakzaky as his neighbours with whom he can be charitable and fatherly?!

I think it is time to Free Elzakzaky, because he is a better neighbour than Mr. Lai Muhammed and Garba Shehu put together.

No war or battle or insurgency or Armed Robbery or Kidnappings or Brigandage has been ever traced to the Shiites in Nigeria. What is more?

None of the Treasury Looters in Nigeria, who has raped this nation as a corrupt President, Governor, Judge, Senator or House of Representative member is a Shiite. I can bet my life on this!!!

The problem of Nigeria is not Shiites or Elzakzaky, the problem of Nigeria is too many Lai Muhammed and his ilk of Law subverting officials as enemies of the Rule of Law in Nigeria.

It is time to Free Elzakzaky, because our Law says so, and the Nigerian Law does not punish an innocent man at all.

I think this is a lesson Garba Shehu and Lai Muhammed should humbly learn and understand.

Elzakzaky is a Nigerian under the Rule of Law, it is therefore unconstitutional to cage him like an animal in the Zoo, for no offence at all.