Nigerians Launch Web Platform to Promote ‘Restructure Nigeria’ Campaign

On behalf of Nigerian Federalists and the management team of the
Restructure Nigeria Platform, I hereby wish to inform the general public
about our recent effort towards promoting true federalism and the need to
restructure Nigeria. I hereby present to to you the web platform which we
shall use to promote the ‘Restructure Nigeria’ campaign in 2017.

Nigerians at home and in diaspora, after carefully studying the Nigerian
political situation, have now reached a firm conclusion on what needs to be
done to salvage the country. We have concluded that the problem with
Nigeria is the skewed, corrupt, unitary feeding bottle system of government
that we practice and we have resolved that the only solution to the
unlimited problems in the country is not a change of political party but a
change of the unitary ‘federal’ government structure into a proper federal
structure. We have resolved that the only solution to Nigeria’s problem is
to restructure the country and entrench true federalism.

To further achieve our objectives, a website has been designed and launched
to promote the federalism campaign in Nigeria-
<> The website is a resource center for
federalism in Nigeria and shall end up uniting every Federalist oriented
organization in Nigeria. The website is divided into various sections such
as issues, events, shop, volunteer, federalism, donations, blog and
project. Under the issues section Nigerians can learn about basic issues
that federalism will resolve when entrenched. Such issues includes state
police, basic education, importance of community based government as a last
tier of government, importance of decentralizing electricity distribution &
generation, and many other issues.

Under the other sections Nigerians can learn all they need to learn about
federalism, register and become a Federalist, register to participate in
our sensitization rallies, donate to the campaign, and read about various
news about true federalism. The shop section allows Nigerians to purchase
campaign promotional items such as shirts, umbrellas, caps, badges, etc.
All products sold there are customized with ‘True Federalism’ &
‘Restructure Nigeria’ slogans and inscriptions.

We as a Federalist oriented platform believe there is no other time but now
to come together and demand for the most important change that Nigeria
truly needs which we believe is true federalism.

We exist to achieve three objectives.

1 To sensitize and educate Nigerians as to why the country has never worked
and might never work, and to illustrate to them how the root cause of this
failure is linked to the skewed defective unitary system which we operate.

2 To mobilize the now enlightened Nigerians towards demanding for a
restructured system based on the principles of true federalism.

3 To participate in the restructuring process through policy formulations,
bills sponsorship, participation in constitution amendment process, etc.

We the Federalists believe that the time is NOW and RIGHT to sensitize
Nigerians on the defects of the present skewed unitary system and to
enlighten them on why they need to demand for the restructuring of Nigeria
based on the principle of true federalism.

To learn more about the platform, please visit
To learn about federalism and why Nigeria needs to be restructured, visit
To participate in the campaign and become a Federalist, visit and complete the registration

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To restructure Nigeria and entrench federalism is a task that can and
should be done. In the words of Eshetu Chole of Ethiopia, let us state the

“Politically, the era of centralization seems to have come to an end, and
this is as it should be. A multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-religious
society such as ours cannot and should not be administered in a highly
centralized manner. That people in their respective localities have the
right to administer themselves, exercise a degree of command over their own
resources, and develop their own cultures and languages must be taken as
axiomatic…But there must also be unity within diversity. In the past we
emphasized unity at the expense of diversity, and we have paid dearly for
it. Let us hope that now we will not move to the other extreme and
emphasize diversity at the expense of unity.”

We encourage Nigerians to join the debate by using the hashtags #
RestructureNigeria & #TrueFederalism

We wish Nigerians a Happy New Year as we look forward to restructuring
Nigeria into a proper federal system.

Tony Osborg
+234 81 34941730

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