Nigerians Worried As Buhari On Return is Mere “Skin and Bones:” Rest or Resign

Buhari arrival


Nigerians are worried with most begging the president to stay away from power and continue to rest due to his emaciated appearance after 50 days of recovery in the UK.

Vice president Yemi Osinbajo reportedly managed the country well while Buhari rested in the UK on medical visit for 50 days.


Meanwhile the Buhari who returned and is set to take over power on Monday is a mere shadow of himself and appears nothing more than skin and bones in spite of 50 days of rest with many Nigerians calling for him to continue resting or even resign.

The presidency cabal reportedly dragged him back for a few days to sign over stuff, in fear of losing their grip on power, against doctors’ requests.

Buhari is reported to be suffering from metastatic prostate cancer. He is slated to return to the UK once again in just three weeks.

Daniel Obior • said on ThisDay
Welcome, Mr President. Your health still needs more attention given that your life is the most important thing. You need to resign as president to concentrate on your health. So far, you have been a bad president and the rigours of office have not helped your health. That is a lose-lose situation. Without you, the country will run better and your health will be better, which will be a win-win situation. Therefore, please do the needful and resign as president.

Shehu to Daniel Obior • an hour ago on ThisDay
The pictured shown on TV of Archibishop of England visiting Buhari indicates that he needs time to recover fully.
For the sake of Nigerians, Buhari should allow Osinbajo to carry on. Things are beginnjng to look better.
There is no point rushing Buhari back to mess up what Osinbajo is correcting.

skin and bones buhari

buhai skin and bones

Buhari arrival
Buhari arrival

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