Nigeria’s Central Bank Institutes Criminal Withdrawal Fines On Deposits Across The Nation

Godwin Emefiele


In a practice practically unheard of across the world and in the history of mankind, the Nigerian Central Bank has this July instituted fines for the withdrawal of personal and business deposits in banks across the nation.

What the new policy means is that for any Nigerian withdrawing more than ₦500,000 any day he will be fined 3-5% depending on how much more cash he or she withdraws.

In this bizarre “cashless policy” initiated by former Central Bank governor, not only does withdrawal of your cash attract a fine but also as unbelievable as it sounds, Nigerian depositors are being charged 2% for making these deposits.

The former Central bank governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi who concocted this illegal levy was unsurprisingly a bank man, CEO First bank, and the taxation is being completed by another bank man, the current Governor, GodwinEmefiele who was also CEO of a Nigerian bank, Zenith.


The fines on deposits and withdrawals seized by the banks as can be imagined, do not go toward the federal treasury, or to charities but go to these banks owned by Nigeria’s cabal and in which both governors, former managing directors have friends, shares and other vested interests.

A Nigerian customer reacted today on twitter:

‏@Mos_Hygh 20m“I don’t care if the CBN is trying to reduce the demand on USD, to charge me 5% withdrawal fees on money I kept for just a week is criminal.”

We are not sure/convinced by what the publicized intent of this bank fine is. To discourage transport of cash because of thieves that Nigeria’s government sabotaged security agencies fail to apprehend? To monitor 100% of private monetary transactions?

The explanation of this nationwide fine on bank customers cannot be comprehended in view of modern financial standards. It is unprecedented. Nowhere in the developed world are such fines slammed on the citizenry. Rather citizens are enticed by the banks to keep their money with them. “Rewards” and “bonus points” are given to customers for transactions in developed nations rather than they being fined and forced to keep their money with the institutions.

We have in the past listed a host of other fines and levies slammed on Nigeria’s vulnerable populace by the banks.

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In Nigeria we have fines for transactions, fines for replacing debit cards, fines for receiving bank advert text messages, fines for using the ATM, fines for bank statements, fines for withdrawal tokens, “value added tax,” and as many more exploitative ideas as the banks think up. In contrast, abroad customers do not get a single of these fines and levies. They can deposit, transfer and withdraw as much money as they want with not a cent taken in fines.

We charge the Nigerian executive and legislature to bring down the hammer on the Central bank that has under operation of bank men, conspired in executive, politician and cabal orchestrated frauds, looting from the nation’s treasury and continually pursued a dangerous course to rob the Nigerian masses to the tune of billions in a ponzi scheme.

We urge the immediate termination of the regime of the bank governor and for bank mangers and bankers to never again be appointed in charge of the nation’s central bank.

Banks should find more entrepreneurial ways of making money with our generous deposits in their charge rather than conniving with the Central bank to rob us for every service or disservice.

We charge Nigeria’s attorneys and SANs to raise up a class action against the banks and Central bank on behalf of all Nigerians to regain the billions that we have been robbed off of in all these frivolous fines and levies. We are no slaves of the cabal. We demand our freedom.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian