Nigeria’s Outspoken First Lady Arrives Aso Rock And Gets Angry When She Is Locked Up By Cabal [VIDEO]


Following news that president Muhamamdu Buhari may have been planning a second marriage, a video has circulated of Nigeria’s outspoken first lady Aisha Buhari arriving the Villa and getting locked up.

Some APC persons claim the video is from drama a while back, we cannot ascertain the time but the video is clear evidence of how Aisha gets locked up in Aso Rock Villa.

In the video clip, the first lady is heard vexing,

“This is the Villa, we have over 200 soldiers and 200 policemen guarding us, why did they lock this door?”

And the lady replies her:

“No one told us you will be returning?”

Reliable sources have it that Aisha Buhari has been expelled from the Villa since Buhari secured his second term election victory.

Screenshot from video