No Going Back On Poor Polygamy Ban: Small Salary, No Polygamy For You – Emir Sanusi

By Yusha’u A. Ibrahim,

The Emir of Kano, Mallam Muhammadu Sanusi ll has said that no amount of criticism would stop him from ensuring enactment of the proposed Kano family law to regulate marriage and marriage related matters in the state.

Emir Sanusi, who stated this yesterday during a mass wedding of 1,520 couples sponsored by Kano state government, warned that although the law is not meant to stop Muslims from marrying up to four wives, but it regulates how a man should treat his wives and children in line with the dictates of Islam.

The emir affirmed that he will go ahead with the law despite criticism by some individuals who either didn’t understand the concept of the law or were against it because of their selfish interest.

“We are going meet on Wednesday this week to review the over 80 pages of the law and make the necessary adjustment before presenting it to the State House of Assembly for passage into law.

“Our people are facing serious challenges in their family affairs. We have heard series of complaints where a father forced his daughter to marry someone against her wish. We have heard so many cases where people marry additional wives while they could not feed them well, clothe them well or give them good shelter even though they have the means to do so.

“In this case, the proposed law provides that, a court of law would take something out of the man’s wealth to feed his family, give them shelter and clothes. In the event the man makes any attempt to resist the court’s directives, then the law takes necessary action against him. If you know, your salary cannot take care of more than one wife, you should not get additional wife,” he warned.

He said in Islam, a Muslim is not allowed to marry more than one wife if he doesn’t have the means to take care of them or would not treat them fairly.

Sanusi also warned Muslims especially those in the habit of marrying off their daughters against their wish or beating up their wives, to desist from that, as according to him the proposed law would not allow such to continue in the state.

“You should all come back to your senses and stop these barbaric [acts] because we will not allow these to continue in Kano. I have warned all district heads, village heads, ward heads and imams to also desist from the bad habit of beating their wives and whoever among them is reported to me to have beaten up his wife, would outrightly lose his title.”

Sanusi said those kicking against the proposed family law, were doing so because they want to maintain the old tradition of marrying up to four wives and keeping them without proper care.

However, he said the emirate council would not allow this to continue and that no amount of criticism would stop him from facilitating the enactment of the proposed Kano family law.

“As a leader, I would be accountable for the predicaments of my subjects and therefore, I would not allow them to deviate from the right path. I would continue draw their attention to the right thing until they understand,” he promised.

He said Kano needs a law that will guide people to the real teachings of Islam, regulate marriage affairs and compel parents to adhere to the law.

He, however, urged wealthy individuals, politicians, Islamic scholars and traditional rulers, who had the means, to get additional wives.

Sanusi said although, the council will not prevent people from voicing out their personal views, but that would not stop the council from backing any law that will shape the lives of people in the state.