Nomadic Terror: Senate Motion Proposing Federalist System Decentralized Police


The Nigerian senate has a motion on the table promoting federalist rearrangement of Nigeria with decentralized police force instead of a central system taking orders from Abuja.

The Senate Chief Whip, Olusola Adeyeye called for a restructuring of the country’s federalism to allow this change.

This as the Senate disagreed on the purported nationality of the so-called Fulani nomadic terrorists with many believing they were Nigerians and not necessarily foreigners as the government has advertised.

Mr. Adeyeye, a Senator representing Osun State proposed for local and state governments should have an independent police force.

NewsRescue had recently published an article warning about the risks of the government’s attitude towards the incessant terror acts and insurgency of the nomads and recommending a restoration of true federalism in Nigeria.

“Buhari may want to review restoring Nigeria to a true federation with distinct autonomous regions as it was wisely first created and as he has promised in his presidential campaigns,” Dr. Brimah said in that article.