#NotTooYoungToRun and the Rest of Us, Part One, By Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah

By Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah
One of the concept of the “#NOT TOO YOUNG TO RUN” Project is to encourage young People in Nigeria to takeover the  various political leadership roles in the country  through a robust and effective electoral processes and stop complaining about  accidental leaders.
There is no doubt our  current democratic processes  are expensive for  young Nigerians to participate  but then they should  not be discouraged to seek for for political  leadership positions through a democratic process.
However, it was also discovered that some of these young Nigerians sell their chances either through monetary inducement or political bargain even if they are imminently qualified and eligible. This act should be discouraged and stopped especially during electioneering period.
In recent time, we have had few young leaders that have failed in one way or the other in their cause of steering state affairs in political positions, it should not be a yardstick for measuring leadership acumen of the young people in Nigeria.
For the purpose of this piece and to encourage some of the young people in Nigeria that are currently making us proud in either the political or business arena, I want to center this piece on prominent young Nigerians across the 36 States of Nigeria that are doing very well and to appeal to them to seek for leadership and elective positions in order to add value to humanity.
As young  Nigerian, I have traversed through the length and breadth of this country. The aim of these trips are to actualize the concept of our project, “#NOT TOO YOUNG TO RUN ” it also afforded me the opportunity to identify some young Nigerians who are doing well in their private lives and have capacity to change the face of our political system. The trip amongst other things is to encourage our eligible young Nigerians who have negative perception about our Nigerian politics due to its volatile nature.
Furthermore, I will share my findings and observations about some few young Nigerians whom I identified and  should be encouraged to seek political office through democratic process. I will not be able to put all names here as this write up shall be continuous  either in series or Parts. I will start with Nasarrawa State incidentally where I hailed from Nassarawa state is blessed with alot of promising young political leaders that should be encouraged. One Mohammed Musa Maikaya is an example in  Nasarawa State. This young Man has empowered several youths through his foundation.I believe this young man will impact positively on the youths and society if He is encourage to seek an elective political office.
In continuation of these trips, we visited  Katsina State, because of its peculiarities, this is a state that had produced three Nigerian leaders and one vice president, while Late Umaru Yar adua was elected as a civilian president, General Buhari was both Military Head of state and currently a civilian president. General Shehu Yar adua was Chief of staff supreme Headquarters, equivalent to civilian Vice president. It may interest us to know General Shehu Yar adua attained that position at the age of 36. Katsina has also produced a former Chief Justice of Nigeria, 2 Presidents of Court of Appeal, 2  Directors General of National National intelligency Agency 2 Directors General of SSS and Inspector General of Police, all these people occupied the positions during their younger years. These feat spurred us to visit the state if the younger ones are inspired or encouraged to run for political office. I must first and foremost commend the visionary leader, Governor of Katsina State, Rt. Hon. Aminu Bello Masari for not only mentoring young people in his state but for providing them with an enabling environment and political platform to showcase their talents and what they can do for the people of Katsina State, apart from Kogi State, Katsina State is the ONLY State that has given over 10 young people an opportunity to serve in the current administration namely Abubakar Sada Ilu as Commissioner of Land and surveying, Mustapha Kanti Bello as Commissioner Solid Minerals, Rt. Hon. Kusada as the Speaker of the Katsina State House of Assembly , Ibrahim Zakari as the Special Adviser on International Relations and Investments and host of others. For that singular honour, Rt. Hon. Masari need to be commended not condemned for always having young people at heart.
Honestly, in Katsina God has blessed them with many young men but there is one young man called Ibrahim Zakari that cannot be ignored, for the first time I heard his name last December when I visited Dutsin Safe Low Cost Katsina, Katsina State, I understand and confirmed his appointment is  Honorary which means He enjoys no Financial reward of whatsoever like salary, car, house, Office running cost from the state Government. He is currently the Honorary  Special Adviser (SA) to the Government of the Katsina State on international relations and investments. As we are all aware, people go into politics to make money in Nigeria but for this young Ibrahim is an exception, He has used his contacts and attracted alot of investments to katsina state, he has got investors to build a modular refinery called Blakoil refinery in his LG Mashi, Katsina State and recently I understand a group of medical team were brought in to katsina from Saudi Arabia who conducted free eye surgery at his instance to over 3,000 people with over 500 operated upon. These are verifiable facts. All these are at zero cost to both the state and federal government.
He has also brought in investors from different countries to Katsina State and Nigeria by extension and all these information are verifiable.
To us as young people, Ibrahim Zakari is a mentor to Nigerian youths and should be encouraged to seek for elective leadership position in Nigeria in order to add value to humanity not only to katsina people but Nigerians at large. If I grow up, I want to be like Ibrahim Zakari and I want to equally appeal to other young people across Nigeria to borrow cue from Ibrahim Zakari school of thought. Kudos to you Ibrahim even though you don’t know me or met me!!!!!
In Kwara State, we have the likes of Ambassador Abdulfatai Yahaya Gambari
In Kano State, we have another shining Star, Shaaban Sharadan, the Personal Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Broadcast Media.
Finally, more details and facts shall be produced in subsequent bulletins.  For us to get it right as young people we must as a matter of necessity encourage some of us to seek for elective leadership positions and be #ReadyToRun so that the concept of the #NotTooYoungToRun project will not be defeated.
Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah  is the Leader of the Nigerian Youth Parliament, Federal Republic of Nigeria, writes from Abuja, Nigeria. He can be reached on Twitter @ik_dallah and email: [email protected]