Oil Minister ‘Jibrin’ Sets Up Osinbajo-led Nugatory Panel To Cover $25 Billion Contract Scam


Nigeria is a pathetic mess. I wish this heading was a joke, but it’s actually not. It is quite likely an accurate prediction of how if at all Nigeria’s president will address the recent monumental scandal of billions of dollars worth of oil deals reportedly dished out without due process by the president-ministered state oil company. Yes, president Jibrin is actually the oil minister and directly culpable.

While I don’t have time to believe the president is a clone called “Jibrin,” I don’t know whether that is any different from the reality and which would be worse. The man who won the 2015 elections is no better than a Jibrin. An inhuman,  mechanical, emotionless clone and absolute puppet of the cabal. From the minute Jibrin declared that he would maltreat areas where he got only 5% of the vote, things have gone downwards. Unlike the dictator remembered of in the 80s, who led a war against indiscipline and had one or two handfuls of atrocities to his name, the new Jibrin who took over power democratically in 2015 is frightening. He sends the army to massacre anyone who tests him or the groups he believes he belongs to. To Jibrin, life is not sacrosanct.

Jibrin defends corruption. When it was reported that his Secretary general, Babachir Lawal had misappropriated millions of dollars meant for projects to assist the displaced persons of Nigeria’s Boko-Haram torn northeast, Jibrin cared less. It took several months and loud uproar for him to finally and reluctantly suspend the SGF. Rather than allow the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission do its work on the accused and NIA boss Ayodele Oke ($43 million stash man), Jibrin obstructed justice by setting up a Vice president Osinbajo-led 3 man panel that had no judicial power and prepared a report that he would toss in the bin.

Till date Jibrin stands in contempt of the court’s order for him to release the list of names of corrupt Nigerians who have led to the suffering and death of millions through their ferocious looting of the system. Jibrin brazenly refuses to release the list of their names and the details of how much or how little they refunded and to what accounts in exchange for his ‘illegal’ pardon. This Jibrin is bewildering! He proudly loves the corrupt. He can disgrace his name and whatever of a legacy he may have left as well as his chances of a good afterlife in defense of the looter cabal.

Apparently the EFCC has its report on Ibe Kachikwu from early 2016, alleging illegal dealings by companies linked to him and his family. Jibrin did not care about this. And then Kachikwu could take it no longer, he prepared his damning memo against NNPC GMD Baru. This was dated since August 30th of this year. Whether Jibrin ever received this or his operator cabal blocked it on its way to him, is impossible to confirm. Evidently, frustrated by Jibrin’s lack of action on the report, someone leaked it, but not before the other party irritated by Kachikwu’s memo, had on September 12th leaked Kachikwu’s own EFCC smaller report that had been with Jibrin and Osinbajo since March 2016. It can be said that all these are the least of Jibrin’s worries. The cabal who operate Jibrin will find the most suitable ways to use Jibrin to dilute public anger while maintaining their hands in the pot, or rather, the pot in their palms. And Jibrin’s “Sai Buhari” fantastic fanatic fans will prostrate away and never join the protest.

It’s all messy for Nigeria. Jibrin is a flute being played by the cabal. In effect the cabal rule Nigeria comfortably as they always have. The very wicked cabal, the same mafia who have always held onto the reins of power are in a better position than ever before. We fought for change and they divided the spoils of the war, with their little Jibrin. I bet they knew about Jibrin’s disposition before they fielded him through the APC branch of the PDP in December of 2014.

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