Once Again Shehu Sani Says Nigeria Should Release Boko Haram Terrorists


Shehu Sani, now a Kaduna Senator is known for his sympathy to Boko Haram. NewsRescue has in the past exclusively reported on Shehu Sani’s attempts to give Boko Haram a soft landing. In his recent talk to the Press in Abuja the Senator made a fresh call for Nigeria to release terrorists in exchange for the Chibok girls who’s true state is very questionable and uncertain. The Senator failed to state what type of terrorists should be released and if he was for the release of terrorists who had made bombs and killed and raped innocent Nigerians. To some analysts the position of the Kaduna Senator is dangerous and worrisome.

Here are Shehu Sani’s remarks,

“Negotiations require the government to be ready to make concessions by releasing some of the insurgents in return for the Chibok girls and other persons kept in captivity.

“The last administration was not ready to release some of the insurgents in its custody in exchange for the Chibok girls.

“We even reached a point of exchange when at the last point the government changed its mind based on security report received from security agencies.”

“What I am saying is, you cannot achieve anything when negotiating if you are not ready to make concession.

“We should work on that to at least get the Chibok girls out of harm’s way and out of danger,” he advised.

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