Open Letter To His Excellency The Executive Governor Of Borno State

Borno state Gov. Kashim Shettima

Written By Abubakar Saleh Dudu

Sir, with much respect and honour I found it necessary to write to you at this critical moment over the situation of our state. It is known to everyone across that Borno state is dying. People are very upset, disappointed, and annoyed by your leadership.

The good people of Borno state have massively voted for you in 2011 and subsequently in 2015 and out rightly imposed our confidence in you having bear in mind that you are a technocrat and could wonderfully perform and live up to the expectation of the good people of Borno state. But regrettably and unfortunately, the reality on ground in the state has proven something weird and otherwise and here we are in such a pathetic situation.

Since the onset of this administration in 2011 there is virtually no any developmental project that is worth 10 billion Naira that has so far been completed and commissioned across the nooks and crannies of the state, despite the huge amount of monies that has been accrued to the state, to be precise worth 700 billion Naira from different sources.

Many in Borno state are even tempting to say your last four years have been a complete failure. Meanwhile, to the surprise of many Bornolites, that those people who worked with you tirelessly in broad day light looting of the state treasury at the highest order and moved Borno state backward, it is unfortunate that you still found them worthy of continuation and recycled them into another new cabinet. Meanwhile our humble President Muhammadu Buhari and other state Governors are seriously forming their cabinets based on track records of individuals and technocrats, yours is based on the record looting of our state treasury.

September 5th marks 100 days of your Present dispensation in office, but your administration has completely lost focus and direction. Sir, the mutual benefit is when society changes
for better, you also need to brace up with the reality. You have no any business to fail Borno state again for the second term.

Abubakar Saleh Dudu.