Palestine asks world to stop ‘genocide’

Lazy eyes listen


Following what seemed to be a hospital explosion in Gaza, Palestinian leaders have called on the international community to intervene and halt Israel’s “deliberate genocide” of their people.

“The hospital massacre cannot be tolerated by sensibility or morals of nations, and what is taking place is genocide,” Hussein al-Sheikh, a key adviser to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, said on Twitter on Tuesday.

“We call on the international community to intervene immediately to stop this massacre,” he said. “Silence and bias are no longer acceptable.”

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, an alleged missile strike on Tuesday devastated the Christian-run Al-Ahli Hospital, killing around 500 people. The attack occurred in the midst of ongoing Israeli bombings on Gaza, and Palestinian officials blamed Israel for targeting the facility.

Israeli officials blamed the explosion on an errant rocket launched by the extremist group Islamic Jihad. However, an Israeli Prime Minister’s adviser announced on X (previously Twitter) that Israeli forces targeted a “Hamas terrorist base” hiding inside the hospital before deleting the tweet and releasing another update blaming Hamas.

“The effects of the massacre are beyond description,” said Palestinian Health Minister Mai al-Kaila in a social media message on Tuesday. “The occupation broke all humanitarian norms, charters and laws, and they killed patients and citizens who were safe from its bombing everywhere in the Gaza Strip.”

Al-Kaila called for someone to “save our people from this” in an appeal to “countries of the world” and the UN.