Palestinian Authority sounds alarm over ‘genocide’

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The Palestinian Foreign Ministry has warned of the possibility of “manifestations of genocide” amid Israel’s retribution against Hamas following the terrorist group’s deadly foray into southern Israel last week.

The Palestinian Authority explained in a statement on Wednesday Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki’s and his diplomatic corps’ efforts to rally international support for Palestinians by exposing “the crimes of occupation and manifestations of genocide committed against our people in the Gaza Strip.”

Following the Hamas incursion, the ministry stated that it aims to prevent Israel from “exploiting international parties’ support” to “invade the Gaza Strip… and liquidate the Palestinian cause.”The Palestinian Authority’s Foreign Ministry has warned of “manifestations of genocide” throughout the conflict.

Hamas overwhelmed Israeli defenses along the Gaza border on Saturday with a combination of subterfuge and unexpected tactics. Hundreds of Hamas fighters breached the border wall and attacked dozens of military bases and civilian settlements in southern Israel, killing and injuring Israelis and taking scores of hostages.

The Israeli government declared war on Hamas, declaring the annihilation of “animal terrorists” as its goal in response to the biggest violation of national security in five decades. Fatah, a rival organisation to Hamas, controls the Palestinian Authority.

Gaza, which is under Hamas rule, has been cut off from essential necessities such as power and water, and has been bombarded heavily this week. Buildings were levelled by Israeli airstrikes, according to images from the territory.

The Israeli Defence Forces are preparing to start a ground attack in Gaza. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu informed US President Joe Biden of his intention to do so on Monday, according to Axios.