Pastor Series 3: Paul Enenche-Apostle of Destiny Discovery and Recovery (part 2)

by Obinna Akukwe @ObinnaAkukwe

Paul Enenche, the founder of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Abuja has exhibited tendencies which clearly certifies him as an apostle on assignment to help people discover, rediscover and recover their destinies.

Paul Enenche a medical doctor trained in University of Jos, and married to Becky Enenche, formed Dunamis International Gospel Centre in 1996 . The church has since grown to have estimated 250,000 members in all their branches nationwide with about 30,000 in attendance at the headquarters during their 6 power packed services every Sunday . Enenche also has millions of spiritual followers cutting across all denominations, especially people who have at one time or the other sat under his teachings and those who hook on too Dunamis TV for his ministrations.

Paul Enenche has a peculiar brand of prosperity preaching which inculcates the spirit of responsibility and integrity in the pursuit of wealth. Many times in his church services he had cause to call on those with sinful materials or gifts obtained through wickedness to come out for alter calls and a lot of men surrendered cigarettes, condoms, cash while women surrendered phones, watches, trinkets, money and even residential flats they obtained through immorality, robbery and evil means.

Enenche also has an outstanding healing ministry with proofs especially during his Tuesday Healing and Deliverance Service, which had grown to attract tens of thousands of people weekly. .Many with debilitating diseases throng his church every Tuesday for this Service and testimonies abound that persons with life threatening conditions including HIV, cancer, stroke etc received healing after the service.

Enenche has one of the greatest retention ratio of pastors in Nigeria because evidences that he takes care of his ministers abound, thus most of them that started with him in 1998, are still with him and enjoying good measures of ministerial freedom and financial comfort. He has also produced great sought after worship ministers including Elijah Oyelade who until recently is the Music Director of the Church in Abuja.

Beyond all these, Enenche has a peculiar trait in his messages. The central summary of his teachings is that every Christian must locate what God has called him to do and fulfill it. He harps it on his listeners to make meaningful impact in life by making the life of someone else better instead of base acquisition of wealth. He also reminds them of the realities of Heaven and final destination for every human being. When the congregation has been tuned to being responsible for societal change, he initiates them into spiritual empowerment by prophetic releases which carry unction for recovery of stolen mandates.

For a few uninitiated, destiny refers to divine- assignment ordained from the beginning of the world for a human being to fulfill. The Almighty God told prophet Jeremiah in Jeremiah 1vs 4-5, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Thus Jeremiah was set apart as a prophet even before he was born.

John the Baptist was ordained as a’ voice in the wilderness’ announcing the mission of Jesus Christ long before his birth. In Isaiah 40 vs 3 ”The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.” Joseph’s leadership in before Pharaoh in Egypt was preordained.

One of the problems of Christendom is that many people are doing what they are not called to do, that is why we preach about how Jesus healed the blind and lame, yet the blind and lame still abounds in the same congregation.

This is because those empowered by God to pursue the path of divine healing are in secular practice in the United States, Europe and other parts of the world while those empowered to drive witches out of the villages have built mega churches in the cities. This results in overdose of anointing in a few areas while other areas are left untouched.. Paul Enenche is one of the Apostles sent on divine assignment to correct this mentality.

Enenche teaches Destiny Discovery which involves the ability of a believer to be aware of his mandate and how to cultivate an attitude and spiritual affinity that would bring it to pass. He also teaches Destiny Recovery which occurs where the destiny has been stolen, exchanged, shortchanged, blocked, tied, and hidden. and a prophetic move is made to cause a recovery through the power of the Holy Spirit. Thus through concentration of compressed spiritual energy, released through a high level power packed prophetic declarations, a person’s stolen destiny could be recovered from the hands of witches, wizards, ancestral spirits, occultic manipulations and sundry matters, and such spiritual emission of energy is what compels a recovery of stolen stars.

This could be as a result of sin, wickedness, occultism, spiritual manipulation and oppressions of witches and wizards who specialize in tampering with people’s per-ordained destinies especially during the early days of birth. What churches actually term destiny recovery programme is nothing but poverty alleviating and success enhancement programme. A believer could be successful in the eyes of men without fulfilling destiny and they are in millions in Nigeria.

Therefore, the destiny discovery and recovery ministry of Pastor Paul Enenche is one of the numerous assignments that God is reviving so that the displaced could find its bearing. This man’s prophetic unction is for the purposes of backing the discovery and recovery with the divine force and power necessary for every God given assignment to become fruitful.

Enenche submits to the spiritual fatherhood of Bishop David Oyedepo who visits his church almost annually, he also submits to Pastor Enoch Adeboye, but the central focus of his message is different from that of these two Pentecostal fathers..

Pastor Enenche is building a new 75,000 seater auditorium in Abuja which will accommodate all the numerous adherents of the faith in a single service. Also a combination of worship, healing, prayers, prophesy and revelational teachings is common place with him. He has discovered his area of core competence and is fulfilling it. He also operates Dunamis TV and occasionally organizes city wide crusades in Nigeria and Africa.

The annual Glory Conference of Dunamis Centre which holds every November is about the most spiritually charged programmes in the city of Abuja and his Cross Over Night of every 31st December draws the largest crowd of people from other denominations in attendance in the city.

Enenche have also found it difficult to tolerate politicians who mismanages public funds, and he not just lashes at them, he also galvanizes the congregation to pray against them. During the madness of Boko Haram terrorism, he mobilized his congregation to stand in the gap for the extinguishing of the fire of insurgency and led them in six weeks of anointing around Abuja to break the yoke of terrorism. Conclusively, it is time for pastors to realize that the end time army according to Joel is an army that will not break their ranks; it is a focused army where each person is aware of his assignment. Until the church rises up to occupy their places of assignment, the day of the Lord may be constantly postponed.

I thank God for Pastor Paul Enenche, and I believe that this generation that has become addicted to music, movies and social networks needs strong clarion call from prophets, teachers, pastors who will awaken them to the urgency of discovery, rediscovering, recovering and ultimately fulfilling their destiny before humanity, including suffers further degradation

Obinna Akukwe via
[email protected],, @ObinnaAkukwe