Petition Letter On The Illegal Endorsement Of A Politician For Election In 2015 And The Discriminate Award Of GCON

First, we want to congratulate you on the election you won as a president of NANS, on the prestigious flatfoam of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS). The students body that is ment to protect the general interests of the nigerian students,especially students of tertiary institutions of which we all belonged.

While you where only elected,the intrigue of the election was played out by a merger between kano and zaria which subsequently produce you as the president of this body. This is why i must acknowledge the efforts of this reknown presidential forum of all SUGs presidents that always converge in Bayero university (BUK) to iron out plans to win the election not becouse of your popularity but becouse of northern nigerian students emancipation and the continuos struggle on behalf of all nigerian students.We have fought and we have conquered,this is the essence of teamwork, by these members of which some of them you have never met. Element of patrotism is the underlying factor that drive all of us to work for your emergence.

The delay for this petition was deliverate so as to allow you time to settle in the office of which you must first learn the nitty-gritty that existed and further allow you room to accept congratulatory massages and go through the files at your table.

Having said that,my names are Alhassan Haruna Dambatta and iam the president of Student Union Govt SUG,kano state polytechnic. To refresh your mind, kano state polytechnic is home to almost a hundred thousand students and with this petition iam writing you on their behalf. It comprises of five (5) unit schools of:
1. School of management studies ( SMS)
2. School of Technology (SOT)
3. School of enviromental studies gwarzo
4. School of General studies (SGS)
5. School of enterpreneurship development,  ( SORTED ) Rano.

These schools are what are refered to as kano state polytechnic,and each of these schools has a president of student union govt (SUG), president NAKSS, Amir of MSSN, presidents of professional bodies at each departmental level of which school of technology (SOT) has not less than eleven departments, school of management with eight departments,so you can imagine the proportion of these affiliated students Associations under my leadership.

The petitions i received from various students bodies within and outside kano state on this purported endorsement and subsequent award of the Grand Commander of Nigerian student (GCON) are so alarming,hence, the need to call your attention to the discontent this action have caused and the need for proper response and settlement before the psychic trauma affect the rest of my students.

first of all, the unilateral endorsement of president Goodluck ebele Jonathan as the ‘sole candidate of the Nigerian Students in 2015 presidential election’ was selfish, a mischief, illmotivated,and is done without proper consultation of the concern parties and iam afraid only this has made it illegitimate,illegal, and lacking unanimous acceptance and proper approval by the various organs of our dear Association especially the senate of which iam an automatic member by virtue of my being president of the SUG.

secondly,the grand commander of the nigerian students (GCON) with which jonathan was honoured is an award that can not be found in our constitution,therefore,you will equally agree with me that,that action itself is an action that is  a nullity. What this signified is that some selfish people have been using our prestigious association body to perpetrate criminality and illegality for their collective or individuslistic selfishness which enticed the love for the immoral advantage that may accrue to them.

inview of these,we have unanimously agreed to the followings:
1. The immediate and total withdrawal of the endorsement of the president jonathan by the student body as the ‘the sole candidate of the students in 2015 general election’ as made in November 2014 by the outgoing or former NANS executives under mr. yinka Gbadebo.
2. The immediate withdrawal of the Grand commander of the nigerian students (GCON) award bestowed on president jonathan.
3. Setting of a committee to investigate this act of unpatrotism and the subsequent return of the lagecy given to those students leaders by routine prorocol of the presidency.the committee is expected to make recommendations that will deter others not to follow this line in the future.
4. A published apology to all nigerian students at home or abroad,published in not lessthan three 3 national dailies.

sir,you will agree with me that NANS before you and many others, is known for the struggle for justice,freedom, and emancipation of the nigerian students,the nigerian masses and all the vulnerable in our various communities. Dragging this prestigious student body into nigerian partisan politics eguals dragging it to the mud,and it seems unnecessary,illtimed,unfortunate,wrong,babaric and egually idiotic,hence the need to call your attention to do the needful and take proper action popular with the majority of nigerian students that can tame these elements from extending it to their various states in the coming general election of 2015.

Sir,we want to assure you that, any of your indecision or lack of adequate response to this our petition letter within three weeks from this day will leave us with no other option than to seek redress in a competant court of law.this is based on our believe in sanctity of nigerian judiciary.
my students, of whom some have never been politicians in their lives,their mouth were used to chew onion without their consent which only succeded in giving them persistant smelly mouth which they have resolved to do away with.

We thank you.
Yours faithfully,
Comrade Alhassan Haruna Dambatta
president student union govt (SUG)
Kano state polytechnic.