Photo: Buhari Thinking About Nigeria In London


This picture has been making the rounds on the net. It purports to show General Muhammadu Buhari in a trench coast as he arrives London’s Heathrow airport, for a set of engagements in the UK. The general seems deep in thought… about Nigeria and the nation’s future.

Madueke-Private-Jet-300x194NewsRescue mind readers detected his thought: the General is wondering why Nigerian elite and rulers travel to sophisticated parts of the world; see and enjoy the peace, security, advancement and organization and then return to Nigeria not to think of how to replicate for their people, but only of how to loot the paupers’ wealth and buy property abroad for themselves that they will never be able to occupy with the money of the poor. He is thinking of how to lock them all up in a tiny cell. He is also wondering how these rulers see these things done easily in short time overseas, then claim a transformation to the nation after building a handful of roads and refurbishing a few trains all done on crippling loans from abroad, when Nigeria is so wealthy with human and geographical resource to already be better than Europe. He is now wondering whether to just lock them up or to hang these wicked cabal.