Pictures of the Men And Women Massacred By Some Members of The Nigerian Army In Kaduna

Aug. 1, 2014

Islamic Movement– Some Pictures of the Martrys while they were alive. They were killed by Government forces on Friday the 25th of July 2014 while commemorating International Quds Day in Zaria.

Lt. Col. S. O Oku is accused of leading the massacre and personally murdering three of Sheikh Zakzaky’s sons; breaking their legs, stabbing them multiple times and shooting them dead.

Shaheedah Aisha Mukhtar Kudan in the Procession few moment before her martyrdom

L-R Sayyid Mahmud, Sayyid Ahmad and Sayyid Hameed, Islamic Movement leader, Sheikh Zakzaky’s three sons

Shaheed Ibrahim Mukhtar

Shaheed Ibrahim Mukhtar in the Procession few moments before his killing by Soldiers


Shaheed Kabir Jibril

Shaheed Muhammad Shafi’u

Shaheed AbdulBasit Shehu

Shaheed Abubakr Muhammad

Shaheed Usman Ridwan

Shaheed Zakariya Ang Gwado

 Shaheed Atiku

Shaheed Atiku Saidu K/ Kuyambana


Shaheed Abubakar Sani

Shaheed Zainul Abidin Ali Konar Dangoma T/Jukun


Leader Zakzaky Mourns; Multitudes mourn and pay respects








Boko Haram Continues Nigerian Army’s Onslaught On Islamic Movement of Nigeria With Yobe Bomb Blasts, Funerals Held

July 30, 2014


Is it a coincidence that Boko Haram has towed the exact same path in Yobe as the Nigerian army did last week in Kaduna? In a continued delivery of death to members of the millions large, known for its non violence, Islamic movement in Nigeria headed by Sheikh Zakzaky, Boko Haram Tuesday bombed an Islamic movement mosque in Thaqafa area of Potiskum, Yobe state, killing four more Muslims.

This coincides with and adds to the 35 Islamic movement members, including three sons of Sheikh Zakzaky killed in cold blood by members of the Nigerian army under the command of a certain Lt Col S. O. Okuh, last week in Kaduna while on peaceful annual procession.

Poster from Islamic movement website

The recent onslaught  by Boko Haram and the Nigerian army against the Islamic Movement, which is a known supporter of the Palestinian cause has drawn a strange connection between the army and the terrorist group. The Islamic movement has clearly laid the blame of the recent onslaught on its members, on Israel, decrying the Nigerian government “doing the dirty work of Israel.”

World Muslim Leaders, organizations Commiserate With Islamic Movement of Nigeria

Hezbollah, the leader of Iran, Sayyid Khamene’i, The World Assembly of Islamic Awakening, The World Forum of Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, The Ahl-ul Bait World Assembly of Sydney, Australia, World Federation Shia Khoja and many other groups and individuals have commiserated with Sheikh Zakzaky and the Islamic movement on the deadly onslaught against its members in Nigeria. Hizbullah Secretary General Syed Hasan Nasrallah in his condolence message urged “We consider this as an aggression and whoever is behind it must be prosecuted. The case must be pursued with authority until such bloody crime is never repeated again.”

Protests were also staged at the Nigerian high commission in UK this week in support of Palestine and condemning the acts of the Nigerian government against innocent civilians in Kaduna.

All of a sudden, it appears Nigeria is in the middle of a dense, global conspiracy and at the forefront of an international conflict. Boko Haram working in tandem with the Nigerian military as these coincident deaths targeting a particular organization exhibits supports a more sinister operational motive of Boko Haram tolerated by the current administration.

Video from protests in London at Nigerian high commission

CAN President
CAN President

Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN Commiserates with Islamic Movement

The CAN President Ayo Oritsejafor, in a telephone call extended the association’s sincere condolence and sympathy over the murder, which he described as unfortunate.

Mr. Ayo prayed Allah to grant the deceased eternal rest and Sheikh Zakzaky the fortitude to bear the huge loss.

Meanwhile, people from all walks of life are trooping to commiserate with Sheikh Zakzaky at his Gyallesu residence, including  Zaria emirate council.

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