PICTURES Of Nnamdi Kanu And His Radio Biafra “Army” Training With Weapons

Nnamdi Kanu with suspected Radio Biafra terrorists


As we broke a story of the director of Radio Biafra London, British citizen Nwannekaenyi Kenny Okwu-Kanu, aka Nnamdi Kanu, soliciting guns and ammunition in the United States at the world Igbo congress this September, we have obtained pictures of evidence of the Radio Biafra seditious army in training. The images were released by the arrested leader himself, Nwannekaenyi Okwu-Kanu. He was arrested on October 14t and has since been detained on charges ranging from treasonable felony to sedition and terrorism.

Nnamdi Kanu has been found to be a staunch PDP advocate who uses his terror organisation to push for former president Godluck Jonathan, his embattled cabinet and former army chiefs, and current PDP governors while promising death to the ruling APC party.

See Pictures At Unknown Locations

biafre soldier3

nnamdi kanu
Nnamdi Kanu stands among armed recruits

biafra fighter

Video of Kanu Soliciting More Weapons In Los Angeles From Igbo World Congress

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