PICTURES: Transcorp -PHCH Boss Elumelu “Shows off In Private Jet”


We recently detailed how President Goodluck Jonathan literally handed over billions of dollars Nigerian money to Transcorp, directed by Tony Elumelu and other Cabal in the ‘fraudulent’ sale of the PHCN Nigerian assets. The PHCN was refurbished for N3 Trillion and literally dashed to Elumelu and co for just N400 billion. Forbes reported how that deal gave Elumelu millions of dollars literally over night.

Nigeria suffers from shoddy power supply despite the Jonathan government continuing to shower millions of dollars in government grants and bailouts to Transcorp and other PHCN holders.

Linda Ikeji reports:

Or has he had it for a while? One of his Heirs Holdings staff tweeted this pic showing a celebration inside the private jet, a Falcon7X. She has since deleted the pic and tweet celebrating the purchase of the private jet (but not before I saved a copy…hehe). Mr. Elumelu himself is pictured sitting next to the CEO of his Tony Elumelu Foundation

elumelu jet