Pictures: UK Police Scoff Buhari’s Call To Arrest Nigerian Protesting Outside Abuja House


An angry Nigerian protested outside Abuja House in the UK where Nigeria’s  president Muhammadu Buhari has been lodging for the past 3 months while on cycles of cancer treatments.

Buhari or his handlers called UK police with hopes that they will pursue the protester, but alas, unlike Nigerian brutal and lawless police, the UK officers simply came to guard and guide the protester expressing his freedom of protest.

It is recalled that within Buhari’s first months of office, when disgruntled protesting youth blocked an army convoy the Buhari government killed 1000 of them and everyone else related to them they could fid across Kaduna an they with the Kaduna state government secretly buried them in a mass grave in the middle of the night.

Apparently Buhari thought UK police were like Nigerian police.

The young man on his placard requested full disclosure on behalf of Concerned Nigerians.

See the images: