POGROM: Boko Haram Follows Escaping Nigerians To Chad And Kills Them There

Aug. 6, 2014

by Hamza Idris

Gunmen suspected to be members of the Boko Haram sect Monday crossed over to a village in Chad and killed six Nigerians who were taking refuge there.

Sources said the insurgents stormed Dubuwa village in Chad from Kirenowa, a border town in Marte Local Government Area of Borno State.
About two weeks ago, the Boko Haram assailants attacked Kirenowa, killed some residents and burnt public and private houses, a development which forced the locals to seek refuge in Chad.
Mohammed Yusuf, a farmer from Kirenowa told our correspondent in Maiduguri yesterday that the insurgents pursued the fleeing residents to Dubuwa and killed six.
“After the attack on our village two weeks ago, many crossed over to Chad, some to Cameroon and many others to other places in northern Borno. Sadly, the attackers pursued those in Kirenowa and succeeded in killing six people,” Yusuf said.
Some security sources that spoke off record confirmed that like in southern part of the state, the Boko Haram fighters are attacking villages in the northern part.
“Our troops are intensifying efforts to contain the situation but the truth is that the locals must always volunteer information on the movements of the terrorists. This is key to achieving positive results,” one of the security officials said.
Kirenowa was the first place that Nigerian forces dislodged a Boko Haram camp in 2013, shortly after the declaration of a state of emergency.
“From all indications, the insurgents are fully back in Marte and other local government areas along the shores of the Lake Chad. We pray something urgent would be done so that we would not have a repeat of what happened last year when the Boko Haram fighters hoisted their flags in our villages and indoctrinated our children,” Abba Kolomi, a fisherman said.