President Muhammad Buhari 100 SOLID Days in Office

by Alhassan Haruna Dambatta

Many of us Nigerians have never expected that within a short period of time of a hundred days, our president in person of Muhammad Buhari will achieved the already recorded successes and the gradual undoing of the damages caused by the past government of Jonathan, the government of impunity to good governance, the brutal  government of oppression, the government of stealing and promoter of corruption.

Nigeria is seen today as a new country, a country been  placed on a tripod of rule of law, security and economic recovery. A total rehabilitation and revitalization of the entire country.

The first 100 days of president Muhammad Buhari has been championed and recorded by Nigerian’s as better and more transparent than the PDP 16 ugly years of frustration,oppression,intimidation,stealing,contract splitting. Those 16 years of PDP rule, supervised by the clueless, visionless, dreamless president Goodluck Jonathan are the worst thing that could happened to a country, 16years of total breakdown of law and order, incense stealing, black market weapons smuggling, brazen corruption and incarceration of justice.

Now, from all indication change is creeping inn, good governance, rule of law, social and economic recovery, and elimination of the parasites who have sucked our blood and that of our children through brazen stealing of our resources.

The Buhari 100 days in office could only be compared with a man locked in prison but released and gained his freedom to do whatever that is lawful at a time of his choosing. We were imprisoned during Jonathan government, we are now free people with the government of integrity, the government of the people in place.

The successes of Buhari’s 100 days in office could be identified on the cause of his prudency to governance and many other factors that have been seen to be in place, which includes mr Femi Fani Kayode hailing president Buhari for making the right appointments, especially the appointment of Abba Kyari as the Chief of Staff. The N400
billion bail-out plan which includes the state government creditors exchanging the debts of those states for government bonds have never happened during the 16years of PDP government.

Our Foreign reserves was increased from the depleted amount of $28.57 billion to $31.5billion following blockage of leakages and monitoring and enforcement of financial discipline.

Our Refineries in Port Harcourt and Warri, and that of kaduna have resumed operations and have since been complimenting the supply of petroleum products. Fuel is now 87 naira per litre anywhere you go in Nigeria and the fuel attendants are now having time to browse their phones and visit the internet.

The voluntary declaration of the president and vice president assets is unpresidented in the history of this country, this will surely gives direction to the looters, that things are not anymore the way they are before now, that who ever would be president must declare his assets or we troop to the streets.

Within ten days in office, president Muhammad Buhari took a decisive decision and approved and granted licences to 65 Nigerian companies to construct modular refineries. Modular refineries are mini-refineries with capacities to refine 1,000 to 10,000 barrels of crude oil per day, which can be assembled and separated easily for better performance and efficiency.

The day president Buhari was inaugurated, the total
power generated in the country was 1,755 megawatts. It has since been increased to  4,732.2
megawatts, and from all indication the 20.000mgw promised by the president will be a matter of time. Additionally the illegal fixed charges on our bills is been stopped.

the directives to the National Security Adviser to convene an investigative committee on the procurement of hardware and
munitions in the Armed Forces from 2007 till now is another milestone achievement. Nigerian’s need to know the truth.

The payment of N400 million for the payment of upkeep allowances of Nigerian students on foreign scholarships is another recorded success in enhancing the quality of education. Have you ever heard Jonathan talking of bailout or students upkeep allowances? They rather rioted in Russia and other part of the world during the people deceiving people (PDP) government for the elites.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to the US have brought
an estimated N2.7 trillion ($
13.6 billion) worth of direct investment, this remains part of the immediate benefits
accruing from timely intervention and better explanations on Nigeria’s situation.

The cancellation of all corruptly arranged offshore crude oil processing agreements and crude oil swap deals for refined petroleum products between the Nigerian National
Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, and oil traders around the world is a decisive and a rare achievement.

the lifting of arms embargo to Nigeria by United States of America, USA, has since been recorded as the first diplomatic breakthrough of President Muhammadu Buhari’s 100 days in office.

A committee has since been
inaugurated with 13-members in order to consult with international partners
for the establishment of a national airline for Nigeria. What this means is that very soon another national carrier will be reborn.

Nigerian politicians are now less interested to be appointed as ministers, many of them have withdrew their names from the begging list, fearing rigorous investigation against them.

The establishment of Treasury single account is another decisive policy that will improve prudence in financial aspect of the government and will eliminate stealing.

Boko haram are on the run and their issue will be delt with in three months, these are the daredevils that have existed freely almost throughout Jonathan administration.

From the above mentioned, it is very clear that President Muhammadu Buhari has started well and his desire to rework and rebuild Nigeria for the benefit of all is not in doubt. President Buhari has used the 100 days to compass the direction his government and from all indication he will very soon be a winner together with Nigerian’s, while they will be the loosers together with their looting friends. Nigeria will soon be great again, lets wait for the second 100 days of Buhari in office, they remains the days that history will never forget.

Comrade, Alhassan Haruna Dambatta
[email protected]