#REACTIONS: Igbos Are The Worst Deterrants Of Biafra Actualization– Daniel Okechukwu


Daniel Okechukwu said in a REACTION to a NewsRescue post on Biafra agitation:

Kaduna Nzeogwu

Kaduna Nzeogwu

Hausa people can not stop Biafra. Yoruba people can not stop Biafra. Igbos can NEVER actualize the their dream land of Biafra because of the Igbos  themselves. The Igbos are fond of betraying themselves; an Igbo man from same town betrayed Ojukwu during the war, an Igbo man betrayed Nzeogwu during the war, an Igbo man betray Alex Ekwueme during PDP primary, Igbos  betrayed Chuba Okadigbo, Evans Enwerem as senate president, should I continue? my cousin betrayed me and I lost multi-billion naira business that would have changed his life and that of his family simply because I involved him in the business as a family to represent me while am away.

Sometimes when we talk of Biafra I will only laugh at our foolishness because its like trying to catch the wind. Even my fellow igbos that are into business at Alaba, Nnewi, Onitsha, Kano etc come and see how they betray and intimidate each other with passion. Am not talking about those that work in different offices, ministries, agencies etc, theirs are worst.

We are heading to doomsday and not to Biafra land. The sorry state here is that Igbos don’t have a voice; No Respectable King, No soci-polical group (forget about Oha na Eze Ndigbo) to speak for them. So called called rich and influential Igbo men and women is after other selfish gains.

My advice to the youth is to let go. Who ever that’s mobilising you to agitate for Biafra again is making fortune out of your blood and you won’t know until it cost you your life. Use your time well for life has no duplicate!

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  2. Chukwuka Okoroafor 5 September, 2015 at 06:22 Reply

    And if we do not get constitutional reform, these Igbo elites will then sell us or at least set the stage for Sharia to be pushed nationwide. This is also preparing us for doomsday. We must as Nigerians (not just Igbos alone) find morality and nationalism in order to counter forces (whether it is Igbo elites who are sociopathic enough to sell their own brother for favors or the Northern establishment with pro-Sharia tendencies) that will lead us to our destruction.

  3. Mutiu Oluwa 5 September, 2015 at 05:22 Reply

    I have said it and l stand by it. It is senseless to think Biafra will stand. Working in harmony with the south is the way out. Southern Nigeria and northern Nigeria. That is culture sense. Character sense and religious sense. God did design that. Cut Niger bridge and you see clearly where we belong. That is the common sense

  4. MyEminence Akaeze 5 September, 2015 at 05:35 Reply

    Well, since all accusation lie open the igbos I'm very sure you are one of the igbos, so the question is, HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE YOU BETRAYED? You are finding faults and castigating your brothers are you not the worst betrayer? Ok, we the igbos know fully well all our short comings towards loving and uniting ourselves but the question is WHAT IS MY EFFORT TO BRING BACK OUR GLORY? is it by writing garbages like this that will keep scattering the mentality of the little togetherness we have or to write things that would promote love, unity and freedom? It's good to know, I'm not against self critics because sometimes it helps in becoming stronger…… How can igbos not to hate themselves since there's nothing to love for? ….. Because someone is a betray to me does not mean that I'll also kick myself away rather I'll need to put myself together. GOD BLESS BIAFRA AND HER AGITATORS.

  5. Obinyelaku Obinna Pakirup 5 September, 2015 at 05:58 Reply

    You are very correct my brother the ibo race fears no one bcos the Lord is our strength neither are we interested in their politics because our elders have failed us we the youths have to join hands together and fight for a better tomorrow in Nigeria

  6. Okoro Stephen 5 September, 2015 at 06:22 Reply

    Daniel Okechukwu you are the one betraying yourself and your post doesn't really make sense to me. Are you saying that because people betrayed us in the past therefore let us remain in the Nigerian bondage forever? It sounds like the Israelites preferring to stay in Pharaoh's bondage because of onions and garlic, even when God was saying "Let my peopl go". Biafra is not only Igbo mind you.

  7. Uchenna Okafor 5 September, 2015 at 07:57 Reply

    Mutiu Oluwa, from the map above by this myopic news outfit, you will see that they have already said that Yorubas are bigger in number than the Biafrans. So why do you still want us to be with you (Yorubas)? Maybe you cant survive wihtout the Biafrans Huhh? Coming to the betrayal massage of one Mr. Danile Okechukwu, look people of Nigeria, not everyone that answers Okechukwu is an Igbo man….If you look into the root of this Okechukwu, I can bet you with everything I have that this same betrayal song writer is one of the son of those fathers that betrayed Biafra through the night invetion from Umuahia. Anyone who speaks about betrayals is infact a big time betrayal himself. So what Mr. Okechukwu is saying is that I remain in this bondage called Zoonigeria. Tufiakwa. You have the right to choose a country. If Biafra is not for you because of betrayals, then fit yourself in Oduduwa or Nigel republic….Goodluck to you but leave Biafra out your topic….

  8. Umar Mustapha Badamasi 5 September, 2015 at 08:47 Reply

    Chris Ngige would have been Senate President if not self-destruction by Igbos.
    I am no longer imagine their hatreds to northerners especially Hausas. But as far as they can't help their selves, they aren't enemies to worry about!

  9. Emmy Nnaji 5 September, 2015 at 10:04 Reply

    This enemy of Yoruba boy bearing okechukwu we know hw u operate u hide under Igbo name to continue to carry out the work of satan as thought to by ur evil Awolowo and others. In that ur map u split Biafraland into pieces in continuations of your divide and rule strategy but u dont realised we are awake today. You can't deceive our Izo(Ijaw) or Ibibio and Efik brothers any more they know ur wickness. Why don't u split Yoruba into their different clans like ewes,Egbas and Ijebus and. U think we dont know Yoruba are different from those people. When it come Yorubaland u class everyone as Yoruba-oduduwa when u come into our land u tear us into pieces,your wickeness must surely destroy u as you're destruction is at hand. Why dont Yoruba go and recover kwara state from emir of sokoto rather than crying for Biafra on who betrayed her and who didn't betrayed her channel that ur energy to reflect on how misery you people are. We Biafrans know our problems and we fixing it,do u know yours?..useless morons you people will forever remain slave to hausa fulani. You leave clog of woods in your eyes looking for dust in Biafra eyes is that not madness in the highest order?

  10. Sulayman SS 5 September, 2015 at 12:12 Reply

    I wish the rest of Nigerians let Igbos have this fabled Biafra-nirvana flowing with milk and honey. At least around the world we will no longer be tagged cocaine-pushers and/or prostitutes. Igbos suffer from inferiority complex and ethnic sentimentality. Just as this writer stated, Igbos don't trust themselves and are ready to betray one another for a paltry silver coins (just like Judas). Give them Biafra please, sit tight and watch and in the next one month they will start killing one another like South Sudan. And of course they will try to take over Niger-Delta by force and we all know how that will eventually end. I really pity these losers.

  11. Okoro Stephen 5 September, 2015 at 18:21 Reply

    Folorunsho Abdullateef Pls allow us to worry about who's mobilizing us for the restoration of Biafra. You cannot cry more than the bereaved. I believe you have more serious issues to worry from your Hausa-Fulani masters in your "One Nigeria".

  12. Thenjiwe Obong 5 September, 2015 at 19:11 Reply

    this agitation for Biafra is totally nonsense. the Biafran territory is full of other tribes who are not interested in this pipe dream. rather, energy should be put in developing Igoland and not listen to 419ers who are interested in the peoples contribution for their own selfish ends. go kill yourself if you like, but Biafra is a dead issue if anything it could never be actualize through violence as it is currently advocated. perhaps through peaceful agitation, the plight of the Igbos could be helped, eventhough I do not see the Igbos needed help in anyway since, an Igbo man is very educated, hardworking, and occuppies most of lucrative positions in Nigeria. this nonsense about Biafra is trickery used by a few to defraud the Igbos.

  13. Okoro Stephen 6 September, 2015 at 10:20 Reply

    Sulayman SS; I love your prayer. Just go beyond wishing and move on to support the move to actualize Biafra. Then sit back and watch us as we disappoint you, embarassing each other with the love which you have never experienced since your life as a Nigerian pretender. Don't try to console yourself with what is happening in South Sudan, which is the handiwork of your brothers the Sudanese Jellaba Arabs who are still sulking over the loss of South Sudan, and sponsoring 5th columnists in South Sudan. They will soon get over their problems and your disappointment shall then be complete.

  14. MyEminence Akaeze 6 September, 2015 at 22:57 Reply

    Folorunsho Abdullateef… Well, it depends on how you think about BIAFRA,, though the enemies have written much against the good people of BIAFRA, they've for a long while now made people to think BIAFRANS are rebels, they've said we are terrorists and they've taken our rights in other to keep us subjugated… But to me Biafra is who I am, I can't run away from my shadows, even though I could not fight now for Biafra don't be surprised that my generation yet to be born will still agitate for it… So there's no need of delaying it. I WAS BORN A BIAFRAN, I AM A BIAFRAN AND I WILL DIE A #BIAFRAN

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