Questions for Governor Wike


by Pincewill Emine

It was this Governor Wike who instigated Rt Hon Amaechi to protest his illegal substitution by the PDP in court sometime in 2007.

It was this same Wike who pursued the case and even financed it to an extent while Amaechi was on political exile in Ghana.

It was this Wike who assisted Fmr Gov Amaechi to secure the Supreme Court judgement that declared Amaechi’s substitution with Omehia illegal and as such the authentic flagbearer of the PDP.

Now this same Wike is the one saying Sir Barr Celestine Omehia should be recognised as a former governor.

Permit me to ask Governor Wike to please explain to Rivers people what the Supreme court judgement meant when it described Sir Omehia as an impostor. Was Omehia indeed a former governor of Rivers state or one who held sway for Fmr Gov Amaechi?

Wasn’t the Certificate of Return issued to Sir Omehia withdrawn by INEC as a direct consequence of the Supreme Court Ruling?

If Omehia is a former governor, then can we also say Late Rt Hon Tonye Harry was also a former governor of the State and as such should deserve all entitlements and privileges including hanging of his photograph on the walls in the Executive Chambers of the Government House, afterwards it was he, who handed-over to Amaechi when Omehia stepped aside, so borrowing from Wike, he Tonye Harry also took decisions even for a day on behalf of the state?