Radio Biafra Promotes Fake Staged Recording Of Unknown Hausa Man And ‘Kunle’ To Drive Agenda


Radio Biafra is at it again. The radio station has concocted a fake audio recording of some ‘Alhaji’ talking with some ‘Kunle’ in which the ‘some Alhaji’ keeps on and on as if possessed, telling the ‘some Kunle’ how he hates Igbos and how there is a master plan for Hausa and Yoruba to form one region-state and kick out Igbos. The concocted audio has been distributed through ‘Jonathanian’ media channels like TheTrentOnline.

The tape purported that this was the APC four-year grand plan and what they came to do. The rather perfect audio purposely went on to make jest of Minister Rotimi Amaechi and Imo state governor Okorocha, some of the greatest detractors and enemies of Radio Biafrans who hail from the Southern and eastern parts of Nigeria.

The audio recording which is obviously fake because no Hasua or other Nigerian responsible figure will ever engage in such stupid phone conversation, talking on and on, saying the exact things Radio Biafra wants its sheepish herd of followers in what is now known as the ‘Nnamdi Kanu school of miscreants,’ to follow and be riled over.

Radio Biafrans in later broadcasts selected a name for the Hausa voice on the staged recording, deciding to claim it was the fiery senator Farouk Aliyu.

Nnamdi Kanu with suspected Radio Biafra terrorists
Nnamdi Kanu with suspected Radio Biafra terrorists

This dubious audio released on the eve of Nnamdi Kanu’s court on accusations of terrorism and terror sponsorship date where he is not expected to be released while Radio Biafrans are pushing for terror from their fans, reminds of the provocations used in 1966 and 1967 by the fathers of the current youth behind the naughty radio station.

Repeat Of 1966 Provocations By Radio Biafra Fathers

It can be recalled that in 1966 after an excited Igbo youth soldier, Kaduna Nzeogwu had carried out a coup and killed all prominent northern leaders, the naughty fathers of today’s Radio Biafra likewise concocted mischief to stimulate anti-Igbo sentiment in the north and promote pogroms against Igbo people so they will be kicked back home and the Biafra campaign will get in full swing. See: No Beef Till ’66: Post-Colonial Nigeria: Did Igbos Draw First Blood?


The naughty and malicious Radio Biafra fathers of the time made a bread loaf on which they depicted Nzeogwu killing Sardauna as the colonial St, George and Dragon tale to annoy northerners. This triggered the anti-Igbo pogroms that left 10-30,000 Igbos dead and fewer Hausas killed in the South east.

gej biafra

Again, Uche Mefor, Clifford Iroanya and other Radio Biafrans who are so desperate with the increasing condemnation of their groups nefarious activities by prominent Igbos, have decoded to do the best they can to provoke Igbos living in other parts of Nigeria and try to instigate hate in all directions to further their lucrative agenda.The dubious audio has of course been promoted by ‘Jonathanian’ media like TrentOnline, who have been working hard to foment chaos since their primary was sacked and their various PDP sponsors are being investigated and arrested for grand corruption. Will it work?