Rat Business: Nigeria’s Top Example Is the Nation’s Worst Example


So what happens when Minister of education also says he will work from home for three months while he rehabilitates his office due to rodents or roaches? What happens when customs boss says the same and works from home? What happens when state finance ministers say they will be working from home for three months due to rat invasion renovations? And when federal college and university bosses say the same?

What happens when staff across all departments of federal and state government offices all find similar excuses to work from home for months? What happens when school students find similar excuses to stay at home? No chairs and tables in their classrooms is an easy one.

Nigeria is in a limbo. At a time when the nation, delayed progress for so many decades, is desperate to move forward and learn a new path of discipline, hard work and prudence, it is being dealt the worst example ever by its number one citizen and his coterie of cabal co-travelers.

The president who openly protects his corrupt cabal friends; openly violates the law and stands in contempt of court, provides ever so many more horrible examples with his frequent exorbitant medical tours and now a promise of three months of truancy on the premise of a rat infestation.

Buhari is being a worst example for Nigeria. It is sad and an internal and external shame. Global headlines have it that Nigeria’s president was chased out of his office due to a rat invasion and will be working from home for three months. The damage this does to Nigeria’s reputation and foreign investor confidence cannot be over emphasized.

Additionally, where a rodent infestation should only cause at best a one day shutdown, that the Buhari government can suggest three months renovation demonstrates a poverty of Nigerian capacity in the simplest of repairs. How many years will such a government use to fix problems in major industries when it needs three months to rid the president’s office of rats and replace his chair and AC?

And then there is the global resounding suspicion that the rat business tale is in itself a poor and desperate lie. This wide-spread belief, that Nigeria’s president has been incapacitated all year and is playing games to hold on to power, is no better for the nation’s deteriorated image than the tale of the rat infestation. Nigeria loses either way.

God save Nigeria from the claws of the cabal.

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